Grocery Store Sales Best ROI EVER!!!!

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continuing our series of were to find hidden value we are going to discuss something all of us need to do buy Groceries.

As the Christmas week is upon us very very soon we are all spending on gifts instead of investing (Unless your Scrooge)
Now how can we offset some of that spending ???

Groceries !!!!!

I heard Mark Cuban mention this one time (I'm not a huge Cuban fan) and I thought about it and he is so right. Let's say you go to the grocery store and ....
Let's use Butter as an example. A standard size box of 4 sticks of butter in my area costs me $5.99
My store is having a sale on them of $2.99 and this sale only runs for the 2 week time period around Christmas, and butter can last up to 6 months.
So in our example let's buy 6 months worth of butter. let's call it 20 boxes. Now 20 boxes would normally cost us $5.99 x 20 = $119.80
We get them on sale for $2.99 x 20 = $59.8
We just saved $60 !!!!!
So this is about a 100 percent return on the $59.80 we spent. Where else can you get this type of Guaranteed return ???

You can literally walk around the store and double your money. In fact you can do this throughout the year. Now you have to becareful you only buy things you need and don't become a hoarder.

I have to tell you I made about $2500 this last year doing this and was able to eliminate some of my debt so the return is even bigger. !!!!

Sometimes VALUE comes from the most unlikely places.

Merry Christmas !!

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