Own a share of a LAMBO !! Vintage car investing

11 months ago
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We all want to invest in Crypto !!

Some of us want to invest in stocks, bonds, savings account etc... trying to collect dividends, because we need that FIAT currency to pay our bills.

Some of us dream of owning LAMBO's!!! Now you can do both. I have downloaded and used the app RALLY RD. This is how it works.

Rally RD goes out and buys a vintage collectible car and breaks the value up into shares. This happens by they form an LLC that owns the car. The LLC then issues shares through the Rally RD app.

The next car coming up on 11/19 at 9:30am EST is a purple '94 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 JOTA.

So how do I make money ?

Well the car starts at 598K and the shares during the Initial offering start at $100 a share. So with only $100 you can own a share of the car. Once all the initial shares are issued the buy/sell period closes. Once a quarter a buy/sell window will open and you can offer up your shares to sell to other RALLY RD members.

If you purchase all the shares of the car over a period of time, you own the car and the LLC will transfer ownership to you. If a museum or event wants to rent the car all proceeds are distributed as dividend income to share owners.

I feel this can be a great form of investing, you get to own part of a physical object that will hold its value better than FIAT.

What do you think ?