Join Me In SteemLeo's Crypto Fantasy League For Week 14 For A Chance To Win An Extra 200 Leo...On Me

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Week 13 of the Crypto Fantasy League is now over!

Prior to this week's game, I had a conversation with @culgin. @culgin has been one of my favorite players in CFL. The way he manages his risks and allocates his funds is admirable. Anyway, we were talking about having time to manage our funds in the CFL. So I got the picture that is he a swing trader like myself. You see, I believe the crypto space is dominated by day traders, so if I'm correct and correct about @culgin 's trading style, the CFL is a great place to see how our trading style holds up in the fast pace CFL.

This week was quite interesting. It was even more interesting because I was winning most of the week. What made it even more interesting was with less than 24 hours to go, I had a 10% ROI lead over @khaleelkazi, who was in 2nd place. You want to hear something funny, I didn't think I would automatically win because some of my early wins have been comeback one instance, I came from the last place position to win.

Anyway with less than 12 hrs left, I called it, meaning I called who was going to win...indirectly.

Needless to say, @khaleelkazi smelled my weakness, took advantage and when the fat lady stopped singing, ended up in first place.

Rounding the top three was me, @rollandthomas and @r0nd0n (our GOAT for the month of October).

@khaleelkazi came in first place with a 9.744% ROI and earned 40% of the total LEO prize pool.

@rollandthomas got second place with a 6.707% ROI and earned 25% of the total LEO prize pool.

@r0nd0n took third with a 1.085% ROI and earned 15% of the total LEO prize pool.

15% of the total LEO prize pool was also sent to @null and burned!

If any first time player joins me for Week 11 and you win, not only will you receive 40% of the total LEO prize pool, but you will win an extra 200 LEOs. That’s right, because this league is so challenging, if you win your first time around, I’m going to give you an extra 200 LEOs.

What is Crypto Fantasy League???

Crypto Fantasy League (CFL) is a Discord game for the Steemleo community.

Join the game, build a portfolio and compete against other Steemleo community members in a 7 day competition to see who can achieve the highest ROI. There are currently 21 available cryptos to trade.

The game is similar to platforms such as Niffler where you can build a "play money" portfolio of cryptocurrencies and test your investment strategies. Only here you get to play the game all through discord and you get to burn & earn LEO while competing with your fellow tribe members... who doesn't love a little burn action? 🔥

There is a high and low stakes version of the game but we are going to launch just the low stakes version for now.

Game Split --> How CFL Burns LEO Tokens

The bot collects LEO from each player who joins the game and creates a game rewards pool. When the round is complete (7 days) the bot distributes the LEO tokens as follows:

40% to first place

25% to second place

15% to third place

15% burned (to @null)

5% to game dev (@reazuliqbal)

How to Play CFL:

1). Join the Steemleo Discord

2). Navigate to the #crypto-fantasy-league channel (first one on the list)

3). Type //deposit and the CFL bot will give you a memo that looks like this:

Send LEO to @cfl with the memo that the bot gives you to load your LEO balance for the game. We're launching CFL with just 1 league at first (low-stakes league). Low-stakes games have a 10 LEO entry fee.

4). Join the current game session by typing //join low

5). Type //prices to see the available cryptos to trade in the game (for the low league, each player has a starting play money balance of $10,000)

6). Start building your portfolio by buying any of the 21 supported cryptos with your play money balance with the command: //buy

7). Type //portfolio to check the ROI and holdings of your portfolio

8). Type //top to see the current standings of all the players in the current round

9). Type //sell at any time to sell a position. Note that there is a 1% in-game sell fee in order to discourage spam buying/selling (the fee doesn't affect your LEO, just your play money balance and thus, your in-game ROI)

10). Type //help for a full list of available commands

If you type //help, then the CFL bot will DM you instructions to receive a full list of the available commands at any time.

Join the fun, compete and test your crypto investing strategies. The prices in-game are direct from the coingeko API making CFL a great way to test strategies, earn LEO and have fun with your fellow tribe members.

If you have any other questions, hop in discord and we'll help you out. May the odds be ever in your favor 🏆

#steemleo - A Tokenized Community for Investors

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Lol.. I got second last place. So far my playing style has been set and forget. Haha.. Hopefully I will have more time to monitor the price actions this week.

Thanks for the mention by the way 😊

I do much better with set and forgets, when I miss around too much, things get ugly quick. Better luck this week.