Crypto Investing Perspective is Great For the Mind!

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With the month of November in the books and people frustrated with the weak crypto prices I couldn't help but think where I started this investing journey.

It really put things in perspective and made me thing about "what I have" as opposed to "what I lost."

Paper Gains Are Never Something You Actually Had

Until you sell something, you don't "have" those funds and you cannot lose what you never had to begin with. I know it sure doesn't feel like that.....lord knows I still feel the pain of seeing a crypto portfolio that is 1/3 the value it was in January 2018.

However, I also know where I started and the insane growth I have received from crypto in what I have sold verse what I have invested.

Free rolls give you freedom!

I talk about this often. When you take all your initial investment out of something and let the rest ride. It frees you so much of the emotional stresses of price fluctuations.

Don't get me wrong, I still get annoyed when price goes down but in the end I know I cannot lose money because I have ZERO of my own actual money in it anymore.

Luckily that is where I stand with my long-term crypto holdings. So a much as I am sad to see my crypto worth much less than it once was and get impatient with this crypto winter I also know that the current value is all pure profit and something to be grateful for.

My 2 cents at least.

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But what if you lose all your cash because the banks close?

For me, there is nothing but crypto.
i just can't go back to using a bank. (unless i create a corporation, for business)