Litecoin Needs to Hold $41 Otherwise WhiteRabbits Call of Zero May Come True!

in steemleo •  7 months ago 

After making a modest bounce at the $41 support Litecoin is looking weak and could test the level again. There are several price support levels below $41, but the popular crypto twitter account whiterabbit thinks LTC is going to zero!

Price and Levels before Zero

Zero is pretty aggressive but I suppose anything can happen. In the meantime lets talk about the next support level if price doesn't hold $41. Looking at the chart below you can see all the way to the left there is consolidating price action around $30 and that folks is your next support if price was to sell off through $41.

As for the upside, price needs to breach $50 before it can see any tone of bullishness. Either way though, I think it will be a long time coming even if this guy is right....

It's interesting content to say the least...

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u look too much on LTC/USD while LTC/BTC is the spot !

Well LTC has been an even bigger disappointment then BTC in the near term. But most all the crypto market is a disaster. I suspect quite a few will go to zero, or darn close to it.

Yes, there will be many an alt coin project that go to zero. I'm sure I hold a few of them in my wide collection, but it's just placed bets.

I have a feeling its coming sooner than a lot of people expect.

Highly doubt LTC is among the coins going to zero.

Probably not. But most coins will eventually.


Bitcoin can go to zero, but not Litecoin!
Oh Lord protect my Litecoin.

Well i really do not know about this market.
We got eight years to make this work or else (hell on earth)

Sometimes i think of this scenario:
the banks crash, and although everyone would love to get into cryptos, there is very little cash, while food shortages happen

So milk goes from $3 a gallon to $15 a gallon
but in bitcoin from .0003 /gal to .000003 /gal

I am getting nervous, but i am trying to stay calm