Thank You Pay Pal For All The New Crypto Users - Pornhub Performers Payments Cut Off

in steemleo •  9 months ago 

So apparently as centralized entities tend to do, paypal made a decision that it will stop providing its service for all pornhub's performers.

READ: The performers cannot receive payment for their work.

So guys where they all have turned to? CRYPTO

Thanks for all the new crypto users Paypal.

Now, whether that is the best crypto clientele is moot and for your own opinion. All I see is hundreds of thousands of news crypto users that just came to the market.

Spank you very much! (pun intended)

You can see a full story about this here:

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It's will be a great opportunity for Dporn now.

It very well could be!

let's see that boom 📈 📈

Why would PayPal do this?

It makes no sense.
i mean, i literally cannot think of a good reason unless they wanted to help cryptos.

The honest world works by turning a blind eye to PornHub, to stomp it out means bringing it to the forefront of people's minds and making it political issue #1.

It just doesn't make any sense.

So which coins are supported on Pornhub? XVG, ZEN and some others, right?

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Yeah, looks like Pornhub has atleast setup something with XVG. I would guess that will expand to other coins.

Hopefully they all flock to crypto!

I read that yesterday, it's so wrong... just because they have a profession that some old conservative people see as bad, PayPal bans them! This is what is wrong with centralized shitty companies, Youtube is screwing all content creators, Twitch too, now Paypal, what will be next...