The Majority of Alt Coins Will Never See Their All-Time High Prices Again

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Not trying to burst any bubbles (pun intended), but that is just the reality of markets. We will see several coins create new all-time highs, however a vast majority of these alts will not.

How Far We've Fallen

We may not realized exactly how far from the all time high prices coins really are....

Here is a look at the top ten market cap coins and where they stand against all time highs:


80-90% off the highs!?!

Bitcoin is roughly 50% off the highs and that is probably no surprise as most believe, as I do that bitcoin will crack 20k at some point.

Binance is a bit of an outlier because of when it was launched during the crypto bubble.

After that everything is more that 80% off the all-time highs. And if you dig outside of the top ten you will see the majority of other fit the bill - coins such as:

NEO, DASH, ZCASH, XEM, IOTA and it goes on.

Invest in Coins You Believe Have Viable Projects and Uses And Let the Cards Fall Where They May.

There will be winners and losers as exist in any given market so choose your coins wisely and know that some may be winner and some may be losers (in an investment dollar respect.)

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Have you ever given consideration to use case and forget about the investment side? I'm not saying this as a dig at you or anything, because I do value your investment outlook posts.

I bring this up because of something that I realized a while back. There were tons of people who joined Steem because of the ATH. I'm one of them. After a short time, I realized that the dreams of mass riches for posting blog posts were just that: dreams. The odds of making enough money from blogging to sustain myself was simply not gonna happen. However, the community that stuck around made me feel at home, and more or less superseded any promise of riches.

It reminds me of some lore from Diablo 3. There were scrolls you would find about these crusaders. As the story progresses, you find out the crusade was not heading for a destination, but the destination was the crusade itself. Meaning that it didn't necessarily matter that they would never truly find a final destination. I see something resembling a similarity in Steem. The community that stuck around after the ATH doesn't necessarily care about the massive amounts of riches they're not receiving. Being here is what makes it worthwhile, more than anything else.

It is a good comparison with diablo.

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Yes, always consider the use case. Even on the investment-side as the use case is what gives hope of an appreciating investment in my opinion with crypto (excluding the periods of sheer mass speculation). And as for steem, the community is the reason I am still here as well. I long ago moved on from the idea of steem creating riches for me financially and embraced the riches it brings me with friendships, communities and camaraderie.

Glad you enjoy the posts....the investment angle is my wheelhouse ;-)

That is the thing, cause cryptos each have two ways to go, through the roof, or through the floor.

There will be a handful of used crypto-currencies. And no one will hear about the rest ever again.

But the cryptos that are for a specific purpose, if that purpose is actually satisfiable by that chain, and it is actually an innovation (and not bullshit bingo) then those tokens are going to be HOT in the future.

i hope those tokens are ready, because massive spikes are not easy to handle

I personally believe the last alt bull run was a tulip mania, never to be repeated in the same fashion. I also think that the ranking on coin marketcap is important and lower it goes, the less likely Steem will catch a bid if a new alt coin bull market begins.



Market cap does matter, which is why when Steem's liquidity issues flip during the bullish alt market people will be clamoring to get some as we ascend the market cap.


I agree with the sentiment. Many alt-coins achieve all time highs based upon market frenzy and hype. When that went away, everything crashed.

The next bull run will see alt-coins that have development and are actually doing something being pulled up. The ones that have flashy white papers and some marketing probably are not going to gain much traction.

We are sorting out the hype from the producers.


We are sorting out the hype from the producers.

Absolutely and I believe Steem will shine.

Your last sentence is spot on!

An assumption that the markets are rational and that good things win and bad things lose doesn't always prove true. There will be good projects that die and not so great things that win.

Yes, this is very true. It does fit in with the theme of majority of coins not seeing their ATH ever again. It doesn't have to be good coins that move higher, I just to prefer to put my bets on the better projects, which is also a matter of opinion.

Logic and reasoning has no place in crypto!

hodls his teddy bear tight

Crypto teddy, do not let me down!

Interesting data to put things in perspective.

I haven't done the calcs. What percentage is STEEM off its ATH now?

Something like -97%


Hopefully that statement doesn't include steem?

Yes, I'm praying it does not....uh-oh whenever I pray in regard to an investment it hasn't had a good track record ;-) I still believe in this chain though.

Well, stop your praying then! At least for steem, anyways. :) Overall, it looks to me like this recent HF is doing more harm than good.

Wish there would be a HF with investors in mind.

liecoin* might do it :P

I hope so, it is my 3rd largest holding.

Interesting bit of information. This certainly dashed many people’s hopes for their favorite coins return to glory, but I think you are correct and this process of transition from hype to substance is the new mentality.

Exactly and it is generally a longer more sustainable road. 1,000% returns in a few months are not very likely again.

I think this is ridiculous speculation. You only have to wait for another bubble to see if it turns out to be true... which it won't. I believe this mentality is rooted in the idea that this tech bubble is comparable to the Dot Com bubble, which it isn't.

Dot Com only got one wave of dumb money flowing into it. Crypto is going to get a lot more for several reasons, the top two being: the space is extremely complicated and projects that should have died already didn't go under due to extremely low overhead costs.

Also, Binance doesn't belong on the list at all because it has already breached the 2017 all time high by a huge margin. It literally already happened, lol. c'mon man. Binance was above the 2017 ATH for 5 months, and no one really seems to talk about that... kinda blows my mind.

Another reason why these projects will easily hit all time highs again is the ridiculously small market caps. Once Bitcoin goes x10-x20 again all these micro caps are going to be pumped to the damn moon just cause. Remember Cryptokitties? New money millionaires have a way of doing stupid shit with their money like buying a $50,000 digital cat. What else are they gonna use it on? lol

In any case, I'm not trying to be contrary. In fact, I'm more than willing to admit that my overwhelmingly bullish sentiment has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the last 2 years. D:

Yeah, I agree Binance for sure. But I wasn't gonna re-create the sources graphic to weed out the outlier ;-P

And the points you make are good, but I am taking a 10,000 foot approach and struggle with the "this time it's different" given I have seen this cycle in two different markets/asset classes in my lifetime.

Hell, you think I'd of been rich by

As I have learned though, anything can happen as nothing has to happen.

I mean... yes... but... this time is different.
Bitcoin has already bubbled like this 3 times and we haven't even had a recession yet.
Never before has an open-source movement been able to monetize itself.
Not only is this movement monetized, but it is actual currency at the foundation.
There really is no comparison IMO.

I want you to be right....I still hold 15 different coins, a tide rising all boats would be awesome :-)

The unexpected might happen again, maybe! ;)

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Sad to say you are right, no different than the internet bubble, but hopefully Steem will be one of the coin that not only hit, but exceed their all-time high within the next 10 yrs.