Bank on yourself, book review.

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This book is written by Pamela Yellen, and it promotes using Whole Life Insurance to “Bank on Yourself”. The basic premise is to buy a whole life policy, contribute premiums to it, and build up tax free savings in an account, which you can use to refinance all your consumer debt, redirecting all the consumer interest you currently pay from the pockets of your creditors to you.

The book is well written in a convincing manner and it is extensive referenced.

The book clearly is trying to sell you insurance and services. It would be more objective, if the author didn’t direct you to her company, in terms of objectivity, but she justifies this because she and her organization are experts.

I enjoyed the book and recommend you read it. Despite its length, it’s a quick read. The author does a good job of supporting her recommendations for the product she sells. I intend to buy a policy and see how it turns out. You can follow my journey on this blog.

Peace Out.

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