7 Creepy Reasons Why Alt Coins are Dead: Number 10 Will Shock You

1 year ago
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See what I did there? I felt a bit silly and I created a clickbait title, but since I claim there were only 7 reasons, then why didn't most of you notice there would be no number 10 to shock you?

Well, jokes aside, what I came here to discuss was indeed Alt Coins dying, or better yet, the fact that Bitcoin Maximalists are shouting everywhere that these are the days to end all alt coins.


Because of the increase in Bitcoin dominance over the alt coins in the markets.

Bitcoin Dominance: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Well, let's start by the bad: Bitcoin Maximalists claim that Bitcoin Dominance is in the rise because alt coins are dying and spending their last moments in the sun.

While it's true that alt coins are losing power (hence Bitcoin's dominance) this has happened before, so I think those maximalists are darn crazy, and even my BTC shill @sames can agree right?

The good thing is that when Bitcoin Dominance rose in the past, it brought a huge pump afterwards.

I'm expecting this alt pump to happen.


Here's the Drill: What Dies is Vaporware, not Alt Coins

Finally, I get what maximalists are saying. They say "gone are the days in which hard forks and ICOs had a chance" and I get it. Heck, we alt coin believers agree that ICOs were mostly a spoonful of nothing and everyone and their mother would alt fork shitcoins.

But, on the other hand, those were doomed to die from the start.

Now look at EOS, look at Ethereum, look at Steem, look at the projects, apps, integration projects and ecosystem around those. Look at all the worthy alt coins.

How will they end?

How will the blockchains that are indeed USEFUL for the market die?

This makes no sense, and the only reason I can see for maximalists to claim that altcoins are dying is pure ignorance.

What do you think?