Make the World a Better Place, and Earn Tokens By Doing It!

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Hello guys,

Today I feel really excited about a project I'm currently contributing to - BOID.

BOID is a Social Computing platform that enables users to earn via their unused CPU and GPU resources. Now, I know this doesn't seem very appealing by the description, but this one is different from the other platforms I knew before.

It turns out that not only did I find it a viable investment, I also loved what they are doing because it mirrors some of my own principles - so let me tell you about those.

Of course, later on the article, I'll talk about the investment part of it, but for now, let's see at what really stands out for me.

The Principles: Collaborative Work, Anti-Scarcity Mindset

We all know about the duality of thoughts - scarcity vs resource multiplication - and I was always of the oppinion that collaborating with others is the best shot you have at success.

Some entities, blockchains, men and women isolate themselves and their markets or userbase trying to avoid competition and "protect" their market.

This backfires...

I was always of the oppinion, as stated before, that collaboration is key. Back when I was making my card game, The Crypto Empire and the communities hub for STEEM, I always tried to connect communities.

Well, BOID does the same. It has a LOT of blockchains, platforms and projects involved.

When you join BOID, you join a team to work along with.

There are teams like:

  • Team EOS;
  • Team Trybe;
  • Team Karma;
  • Team Pixeos...

...know some of these platforms?

Well... but how does BOID make the world a better place?

By the time you read up to this point, 1 single BOID user could have scanned 213 potential cancer signatures for the Mapping Cancer Markers project.


Make the World a Better Place: Help and Earn

The way you could help with, for example, the Cancer Marker Mapping project, is because BOID uses your processing power for certain tasks.

You can click the tasks you are given to know more about them.

For example, my GPU's task is mining Ravencoin to pay for BOID's expenses - seems straightforward - but my CPU task is set to the World Community Grid doing health research.

With more processing power working for the network, you are actively contributing to speeding up health research and helping the labcoats uncover potential breakthrough-grade stuff.

Of course, these tasks are paid in BOID tokens too, so not only are you "volunteering", you're also getting paid for it.

Not only that, but the process doesn't slow you down at all since it only uses unused CPU or GPU resources, and you can even set the percentage amount of those resources to use.

I run the client all day in all my devices and work with them with no trouble.

And now the investment part...

...why do I use it in all my devices?

Of course I feel good helping the world become a better place, but an investment is an investment, and I'm spending electrical power with this, so it better be worth it right?

Let's see...

How Does BOID Work: BOID Tokens, BOID Power, Staking, Payment and Prizes

Ok, so as I said you'll be given tasks to be solved both by CPU and GPU.

These tasks, when completed, give you 2 rewards:

  • BOID Tokens;
  • BOID Power;

BOID tokens are the cryptocurrency of the project.

This is its financial unit and the one you'll be using or selling for another currency.

BOID Power is the measure of how much you contributed to this platform. This can't be sold, but it is even better than the tokens because it increases your rewards.

For example, if you join with 0 Boid Power, you'll probably be paid 100-150 BOID Tokens and 7 Boid Power for your tasks, but if you have 1000 BOID Power, you'll get paid 400-450 Tokens, so rewards increase substantially as you contribute more and more.

1000 Boid Power isn't even that much and you'll reach it by the minimum of, with only 1 device, about 3-4 days.

Not only that, the teams usually represent a token, mostly from the EOS blockchain since BOID operates with EOS, so they always have prizes for completing certain tasks... great stuff like this:

Contests differ from team to team, but in my team "Team Karma", it usually is the TOP 20 in BOID Power who get the rewards, and it isn't hard to get a slice.

Finally, the cherry on top of the cake - Staking.

Staking: Staking Mechanics are All The Same... But.

Staking mechanics are all the same.

You lock up tokens and you get rewards - and it is the same for BOID.

However, you can't stake however you please, you can only stake in between "Seasons" of Boid Work.

You have an Old Season - Break Period - New Season, and the cool thing about this is that we're only on Season 2.

This means people only had 1 chance to stake since BOID was born - and the next one is coming soon, but not in a matter of days.

This means you can still be among the first BOIDers to stake, ever, and this is - according to me - a good thing.

Hell, even I didn't stake yet as I arrived when the client was getting build but the break had already passed.

Looking forward to next season break though.

In Conclusion:

So, there you have it, my oppinion on why BOID is a great platform to join and why I think it's not only a sound investment but an investment that also promotes collaboration and the improvement of our lives.

If you want to join up, you can use my ref link (and I only get a pinch of Boid Power if you reach 1000 Boid Power yourself, so I don't need people joining up under me just for the sake of joining - only do if you're interested, because I know some of you could join up just because...).

However, if you have any doubts, let me know.

I'll see you around.

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