New Game Launch in 19 Hours: Get In Early - Ponzi Style Win

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You know I love blockchain games and I've been posting a lot about them. I tend to categorize these games in different categories:

  • Long Term, Stagnating Games: They last, but they are very slow and you earn little. (EOS Knights for example)
  • Medium Term Games: You earn a good return as long as people play them and it doesn't take that long (Splinterlands for example)
  • Short Term Games: You earn massive returns, but due to them lasting for a short amount of time, you need to join early. (much like the old version of drugwars, and TRON Cosmos)

This last category, short term games, is made up of PONZI-like structures. People joining early earn massive amounts while people joining late get the losses.

This sounds really bad, and it is in traditional economies, but blockchain changes it...


Because now you can see how much money is in the pot THE WHOLE TIME simply by browsing the smart contract funds.

This way you can see if there's enough on the pot for you to be profitable or not.

But there's more...

Getting a Method: Here's My Method on Money Making in Ponzi-like Games

So, I'm going to share my money making method with ponzi-like games.

The first part is obvious - if you are going to join these games you must arrive early. Normally it is fine to join after 15-20 days after launch, but I wouldn't advise you joining later than that... better play it safe.

So what I do is I actively scout for upcoming launches of these games - but with a twist.

You see, many of them clone previous versions, so you start to get a notion for how much a game lasts.

For instance, one of my readers suggested a game named TRON Cosmos. This game only has about 300,000 TRON left on the smart-contract, so it's walking towards the end - don't invest in it.

I mention COSMOS because the game - check it here but again don't invest - not only says how many users it has it also states how much was invested and how many days it has been running.

Now, here's how this ties in with my tactic and how I'm spoonfeeding you the next ponzi-like game (yet not launched).

Here's the Upcoming Ponzi-Like Game: Join Early, Get the Worm

So, here's the game I'm going to play next: Tron Ships


As you open it up, you can see it is a clone of Tron Cosmos. Not only that, at the time I'm writing this post, the game is still not launched and not a penny was invested. The gates will open in 19 hours.

This is a great opportunity for folks like me who are aware of these launches, as they get in early, dump their huge investment up front, sit back and collect the profits from those that come later on.

I'm giving you the tip to my own gain... yes, you benefit from being alerted earlier on, but in joining through me you become my referral so I end up earning a bit more as well.

So, as I want my readership to have the same success as I do, so they keep on following me with their profits to my next game, let me give you a run-down as to how better play and optimize your chances of success.

How to Play Tron Ships: Tips and Tricks

So, the first thing you must do is decide on how much you want to invest.

Always invest only what you can afford to lose, this isn't foolproof, but on the other hand don't wait to invest your whole amount - do it upfront.

The more you invest early the more you get.

Also, don't reinvest your earnings after your big investment starts paying off - save it for the next game launch.

You should go for the biggest ship you can buy as that is what pays the most dividends.

After you purchase the ship, you'll be granted SHIPS tokens - freeze them for extra dividends on the game.

Now you did what you needed to do and you just have to maintain it... but how?

You basically need to do three things every day or every other day:

1- Collect your earnings;
2- Click "Tron Scan" on the top of the page to see the smart contract, then scroll down and click "Balances" (this enables you to see the tokens in the contract).
3- If the number is rising you can still reinvest, although the risk is still there and I don't advise it. If it is going down then don't invest in any circumstance.


Do this thing correctly and your earnings will compound really fast... TRON has been my main money maker in crypto for quite some time now thanks to this little ponzies.

The beauty of it is it is 100% transparent and everyone knows it's a limited time deal, so you don't feel bad as if you were joining an offline cult-like pyramid scheme.

It's an ethical and easy to arrive early ponzi, and I love it.

If you liked the post, just sign up under me and follow my for my next game find.


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@tipu curate

Thanks :)

Upvoted 👌

Excellent insights, as always! Unfortunately, I also came across this clone site before you wrote this, so I wasn't able to use your referral link. I'll hopefully get you on the next one. The thing that troubles me about this site, and its COSMOS clone, is that you can buy the token for much less than the value of buying the in-game collectibles (at least that's what they want us to believe them to be).

For example, I just purchased 100 SHIPS tokens from the market, which cost me 2.4 TRX. If, however, I purchase the Class 8 ship within the game, I only get 50 SHIPS tokens, which costs 50 TRX. Since I have not purchased any in-game collectibles on either site, I'm not sure how the dividends are distributed for those who buy in-game. Are you getting 47 TRX a month for the 50 you spent?

I actually prefer the long-term games. It's easy to see that this is not a long-term game, but rather as you rightly call them a ponzi-like scheme. I'm still a huge fan of TronHives, which I learned about from your excellent post High Yield Investment in TRX: Tronhive Your Way to Riches, which I highly recommend your readers have a look at! They seem to have created a successful formula for success, which I'm hopeful that perhaps someone on the Steem network could copy... maybe call it SteemBees! ;D

Hello... The Bee one also has a ponzi model, it will run out of funds when new people stop joining.

The ships and cosmos give you a 48TRX return for the 50 TRX purchase but the ships augment in profitability as you go up. The SHIP tokens only give you dividends of daily transactions, which is good now in the start, but usually they are like 0.01 TRX as daily investments soon come to a halt.

I tend to prefer the ships.

Thanks for the excellent comment and the link to the hives post, but be advised it is also a ponzi, albeit a more successful one, and will run dry as soon as people stop investing.

I'd like to offer another perspective, if you don't mind. Firstly, I agree with your concern, it could very well be a ponzi, and the well could run dry. However, what makes this investment game different from, say, those that I have seen in the part that offered DOGE or LTC or BTC, is that this is a DPoS coin, which means that the incoming coins can be staked. This would create the possibility to not be solely dependent on new players for funds. Also, TronHives at the moment has about 1.7 brillion TRX that has come into the game, with 776 million TRX that has gone out in rewards. The 1 billion TRX difference can easily be invested in other projects that earn more rewards, allowing the game to stay above water. Now, whether or not the developers use this strategy, I don't know, but if applied in the way that I have described, STEEM could use this model to create a fun and successful investment game, using the formulas from TronHives. I'm not good at coding on the blockchain, otherwise I would definitely give it a try. I'm copying the model and saving it, in case the sight goes down. I believe, however, that if they are wise, they could continue to be profitable, and outlast the other TRX games.

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