Introducing Steemleo Dex V3 | Candlestick Charts, LeoServices, Token Swaps and More!

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This is an exciting day for Steemleo as it is the largest upgrade we've made to the Dex site or to any of the Steemleo websites, for that matter. In this update, I'll cover a few of the main changes that we made in more detail. The best way to familiarize yourself with the new Leodex is to just go and use it! Trust me, you won't regret it.


In this launch post, we'll cover the vast majority of the new features added to the Leodex. There were more features added to the Dex than were previously on the Dex altogether, so this is going to be quite the update. Here's an overview of the changes and upgrades we made:

(New) Tokens Page:

  • Search by Symbol
  • Track Tokens by Market Cap
  • Advanced Info For Individual Tokens

Market Page:

  • Candlestick Charts
  • Search By Symbol
  • Expanded List of Tokens for the Market Page
  • $ Values for Bid/Ask/Last/Volume
  • Fix for Bid & Ask Prices to Populate Both Buy/Sell Orders
  • Fix for Trade History

(New) Services Page:

  • A suite of services provided by Steemleo under the L.A.B.S. (Leo Accelerator for Businesses on Steem) Initiative

(New) Leoswap Page:

  • Instantly swap tokens (starting with STEEM to DEC, DEC to STEEM, STEEMP to DEC)

(New) Tokens Page:

The new tokens page offers a way to track and search for any token on the SE side-chain. If you click on the info button, you'll be taken to a separate page for each token that gives a few more details. In the future, we will allow the creators of officially listed tokens to add more advanced descriptions to their token page.

Market Page:

The new version of the market page is radically different than the previous version. The first few changes that will catch your eye are candlestick charts, the new market search box and USD values underneath the STEEM prices for Bid/Ask/Last/24h Volume.

Find tokens by searching for them: This is a pretty logical way to find tokens that you want to trade. I was looking for a good solution to the issue of many users wanting to trade a wide variety of tokens and wanting to do it in a way that didn't require going to the URL and manually changing the token name. Now we've got a search box right on the market page. Just type in the symbol of the token you want to trade and hit enter.

Along with these upgrades to the market page came a bunch of bug fixes like an update to the Trade History to reflect recent trades, clicking a bid or ask price will populate both buy and sell prices, etc.

(New) Services Page:

The services page is an exciting development for us. We have a bunch of services that we offer through L.A.B.S. but have not had a page that lists these services. With the new LeoServices page, we now have a place to both list our services and actually perform them on-site. It makes it easier for you and it makes it easier for us. Win-Win.

We're starting out with the Token Airdrop service and will quickly add more of our services in the next couple of days. This page is likely to receive very regular updates as the suite of services offered by L.A.B.S. grows rapidly.

(New) Leo Swap Page:

Leo Swap is another amazing feature that we're excited to debut. It's a way to instantly swap 1 token into any other token. The possibilities for this thing are incredible and you can imagine all sorts of tokens being available for instantaneous swaps.

For today's launch, the swap engine is handling DEC token swaps for Splinterlands players, but it can handle any token built on Steem (or -- and I'm giving a specific hint here -- even cryptos that aren't built on Steem 😉).

When you swap DEC into STEEM or vice versa, just make sure you pay attention to the current price for buying/selling DEC as listed on the Leo Swap page.

There are a few other exciting features and improvements that we made to the Leodex, such as enhanced loading speeds. We'll leave it up to you to find a few of those little easter eggs.

If you're curious about the Ads shown at the bottom of Leodex pages, these are the same Coinzilla ads that are displayed on the Steemleo Blogging Interface and the ad revenue they generate burns LEO off the market. If you're using an ad blocker or the Brave browser but want to support SteemLeo, we strongly encourage you to turn off your ad blocker/lower your Brave Shields for! 🦁

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all of our LEO author/curation rewards on this post are permanently burned from the token supply

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