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That didn't take very long.

A little while ago, Steemleo announced that release of its Exchange that ties into Steem-Engine. This is an exciting move and shows how the development team is looking to keep adding to the platform.

Here is the post announcing it.


Evidently others feel the same way since the buy wall completely changed. I put in a buy earlier this morning at .125 which was second on the buy wall at that time. I ended up pulling in later in the day and bought at .14.

Here is what the wall looks like now.


This shows how quickly things can move when the float is tight. A bit of buying pressure can really help send things flying.

A few thousand LEO being bought completely changes the buy wall. It is rather easy to wipe out most of the sell offers.

I expect more activity like this in the future as more features are added to the site.

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I bought 500 more coins with 65 Steem at a ratio of 0.13

Volatile indeed!

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