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How is the world going to chance over the next decade?

Innovation is going to go through the roof. We are going to see developments like we never saw before.

Why is this? Is it because of the investment by mega-technology companies and what they are creating? That certainly is bound to have an impact but it will not be the main driver.

What is going to really cause a moonshot in our lives compared to today is the fact that roughly 4B more people will be joining the world online. This is 4B more minds who are going to be innovative and provide ideas moving forward.

There is a major difference that most are overlooking.


These individuals are entrepreneurs. They, simply in their quest to survive, had to innovate and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Jobs were not available to these people. Most of them are from countries that are borderline hellholes. Life is a major struggle just to survive.

People wonder why a lot of the progress isn't being seen in the developed nations. Proportionally speaking, there is a lot more progress being made in other parts of the world. Certainly, the fact they are operating from a lower baseline means that raising the bar is easier.

There is, however, a factor that I feel is vital in this. Those who live in the West are comfortable. They might hate their jobs but they have a means of sustaining themselves. While things can be tough, having enough food to eat and a roof overhead is not the main problem for most. The fact that the food is not lobster is of bigger concern to many.

A lot of the technological adoption is going to happen outside the developed areas. Cryptocurrency is a prime example of how it is shaping up. We are seeing adoption rates far higher in those areas where economic (and currency) uncertainty is the greatest. Why is Venezuela ground zero for Bitcoin and Dash usage? When you have a hyperinflation rate like that country does, something (or anything) else is going to be embraced.

So what happens when 4B entrepreneurs enter the fold and have access to tools they never dreamed of? Imagine what they can do when the world's knowledge base is at their fingertips like it is for the rest of us? Do you think they will be spending their time watching cat videos on YouTube or sharing memes on Facebook? Not likely.

This is, perhaps, the most powerful technology we are going to see created. The hivemind concept is going to usher in new insights that we, collectively, do not have. These people are hungry meaning they are going to churn out many innovations once they get the tools in their hands.

Technology is going to affect every industry over the next decade. The fact that people are entering the world conversation who view the world from a completely different perspective means new insight is going to be delivered. With the tools that are being created, this means disruption for all those involved.

It is easy to get comfortable in one's business or industry. Few saw Netflix coming, most of all the people at Blockbuster. Hindsight makes it easy to see what was happening yet, at the time, few believed that giant could be taken out.

Many feel the same way about the banks, Amazon, and Facebook. All these entities are at risk as is every other company out there. Without innovation and a new perspective, a development on the other side of the world could have fatal consequences for businesses that are not paying attention.

4B people who are creative, innovative, and hungry are about to make themselves a part of the mainstream. What kind of disruption will that cause?

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