Continuous Compounding

11 months ago
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1st of November, #SPUD7 day for many of us.

A good moment for powering up more STEEM and keeps growing in order to increase the future wealth. Below an example "stoleN from internet for the effect I am searching for:


Compounding is really powerful especially if you do it regularly.

Putting your investment to work and reinvesting most of it will really make a difference in the near future.

In my case, I am combining 3 actions or Income sources for my Power Up.

  • Last earned STEEM by posting: 170.857 STEEM

  • STEEM Monthly Buy at BITVAVO: 393 STEEM purchased using the very same amount of EURO, as a self-gift


  • Earned STEEM by trading tokens at STEEM-ENGINE: 30 STEEM in total


All in all, 593.857 STEEM fully powered up:

As a result of that I get an increase of 7.41% on my STEEM POWER.

I still do not understand those who continue to sell at this time despite I feel grateful I can still buy 400 esteem for just a little more than 50 euros...

But don't worry, keep selling those fresh STEEM now, I promise I will return to them that amount of STEEM once I finished maximizing my account and STEEM takes off to 20 times its current value, at least!

Happy #SPUD7 DAY!!!