RE: Obyte + U.Cal Berkeley (BOINC) cluster computing project will pay you

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Obyte + U.Cal Berkeley (BOINC) cluster computing project will pay you

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You may also want to have a look at gridcoin ;)

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Awesome I'll check it out

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What a great project with BOINC and now a cryptocurrency to drive the system and attract new users. In some ways cluster computing is still more powerful than quantum computers but not for long. Eventually we may be able to access quantum computers remotely.

The real trick is asking the right questions to utilize the qubits. It's a completely different OS than binary computers so a person, say, wanting to calculate CERN extra-dimensional gravitational (theorized) particles Gravitons or the Zika virus characteristics would need to invent a whole new programming language just to ask the questions for the quantum computer. There's still a long way to go before they're getting people's private keys of their crypto and factoring all the semi-prime numbers of Amazon's payment service

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