Powering up 200 Steem to 6000 Steem Power + New Giveaways to earn 1 free STEEMP for twitter retweets/likes/comments and screenshots

8 months ago
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I am using @steempeak to power up and, I am participating in the @ackza giveaways https://twitter.com/ackzacrypto


You can earn TLOSP by retweeting and liking commenting and posting screenshots in https://discord/.telosnow.org

This giveaway is for STEEMp and NDX tokens https://t.me/steemoneos

Like retweet Comment and post screenshot https://twitter.com/ackzacrypto/status/1218508180252057600

And you can even earn 1 SAND by liking retweeting commenting and posting screenshot here https://t.me/sandiegocoin

So want your 1 free STEEMP? or 100 CHL or 100 NDX? Well i will be using @myfreecrypto https://MyFreeCrypto.org to post new upcoming giveaways very soon. Ill use steempress and connect the site and have a wordpress blog show off all the best giveaways.

SO YEAH I started powering Up this account when I saw THIS steem price activity

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