I have made $80 worth of SPORTS on side steem by sharing sports contents and reporting my Investments

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The above screenshot is showing the wallet page of my SPORTS earnings. The wallet holds about 1,630,000 SPORTS tokens in stake and liquid form. @uyobong is my main account while I use this account for sports contents curation.

The entire of the SPORTS tokens are earned from my sports related contents which are a few updates of the activities of the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) and teams, the Vandrezzer Football Club and my reports of Investments in SPORTS tokens.

I have made at least two withdrawals of SPORTS which was worth about $15, equivalent to NGN5,000, however,no Fiat has been deposited. I grow my sports earnings by using the steem rewards to purchase SPORTS and I have staked over 90% of the tokens i have. This makes me a whale curator in SPORTS tribe of Steem with over 2 million stake. I have also earned the trust of other SPORTS token investors who have delegated their tokens to me for more Curation power.

All stake of SPORTS of mine are held on @uyobong.sports and I run a daily Curation on #sportstalk and #actifit tags where I curate quality blogs. The Curation account has about 330,000 SPORTS cumulating my SPORTS worth to about 2 million.


As at today's market price, SPORTS is worth $0.00004 and 2 million tokens would give you at least $80.


I am penning this update for the sake of my social media followers and Nigerian friends who are arguing about SPORTS on Facebook with no value in return.

@sportstalksocial team and the lead @patrickulrich is working hard and we hope to see great use cases for SPORTS token rolling out. I believe that in the near future, you could purchase some sports gears and even book for sports events with SPORTS token.

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Visit https://steem.com and hit the signup button.

There are a lot more of tokens you could earn and you can even create a community for your niche where your native token could also be created as the beta version of steemit rolls out.

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Inspiring journey. I invested this much wnd its for SPORTS.

22 Steem is a good investment at this material time. That would probably be worth $22 soon.

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Depositing 7 steem all for SPORTS and LEO tokens.

These investment certainly looks small in the interim. Give it three months from now, you'll be glad you did this.

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All for steem, I am ready to reach a thousand replies as I engage the community the more. Thanks for keeping a track of my activities.

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