RE: Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway (Get a Free Card) - Day: 27

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Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway (Get a Free Card) - Day: 27

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Undead Minataur is a pretty good melee !monster when it starts leveling up. Not sure on new giveaway strategy now with the new Loot Chests. There will still be cards, just not as many. And hopefully those potions will get you some Legends and Golds next Quest. :) Raffling off DEC is an option, too, though not sure how that works.

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Thanks for the valuable feedback.
Just giving out DEC is not as fun to me as the cards... yes it has value... but like, the cards are something special... DEC is just DEC you know? NOt sure but I may put this on hold for a second till I can sort out how best to keep going.

Makes sense. :) Kinda like getting actual birthday presents is better than gift cards... even if the gift cards would actually be more useful. And, really -- they're your contests @jacuzzi, so whatever you want to do is great. :) Thanks again.