Steemmonsters or Splinterlands. Day 7

in steemmonsters •  10 months ago 

Happy Saturday!

it is a week since I started to play Steemmonsters. If be honest, it wasn't an easy week. Sometimes i was lossing almost all battles, and I was thinking that this game is definitely not for me. But sometimes I was going up in rating, and of course I was happy.

Well, after a week with steemmonsters, I would say that this game game is pretty funny. And I am sure that game makes my brain work, because I need to think which card to use, and in which order put them in the battle.

Also, I am always curious which card I will get in the daily quest. And today I received a Gold card. I am not sure but it looks good hahah and expesive...(at least I hope so)

And now I am waiting for the end of a season to see which cards I will get, if I get any...

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