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Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway (Get a Free Card) - Day: 20

Hello, My Steem Friends!

I want to do something to give back to the community here on Steem. Inspired by @cryptofiloz Splinterlands Daily Quest Giveaway, I too will attempt to give a free card away each day I complete the Daily Quest!

Back in Gold level I... :D
As such, I get 5 daily quest cards. I will attempt to play and win this daily quest each day. But don't hold me to this, sometimes I get busy or am traveling and can't do this.

Here are today's cards.

Image 20200128 at 8.35.38 AM.png

Daily Battle Summary

  • Silver League I ( Start 1618 > End 1808) Gold League III
  • It was a 3 with no Nuturals Quest
  • 4 matches played today
  • 0 time I lost
  • 4 times I won
  • Well, a nice quick day.

How the giveaway works.

  1. No upvote, Follow, or re-steem needed (But they are welcomed).
  2. If you do follow me you will get a +1 to your chance of winning.
  3. If you do Resteem you will get a +1 to your chance of winning.
  4. You mush have a Minimum Reputation of 25 (*I see a lot of spam posts, so this is just to exclude them)
  5. Comment in the comments on what card you would like.
  6. Be sure to include your Steemmonster's user name (got to know who to send the card too).
  7. After about 24 hours of posting (Some times more if I get busy), I will use the https://picker.steemify.me/ to select a random winner!
  8. There must be a least 5 valid comments for a winner to be selected.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • Today's winner: @drjpooc
  • They Selected: Gelatinous cube


Verfiable transation the card was sent


Past Winners

Thank you for playing, See you again tomorrow!





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Yay for the !monster Cube. Thanks. A Battle Orca would be great, too.


Gold Dragon Animation
GIF created by @hatoto

The wood nymph

Battle orca please!

Wood Nymph

The wood nymph

Wood Nymph please @simonjay

upvote, Follow&re-steem

Screeching vulture


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screeching vulture.

Battle orca

Congrats on getting up to Gold League III. A celebratory Battle Orca is my !monster request.

Malric Inferno
GIF created by @monsterwhale

Screeching Vulture plz
Upvoted and followed

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