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PeakD is working toward making this the best place on the internet for Content Creators to come and share their work. Our target audience includes the thousands of creatives out there (Not presently on Hive) who are on risky ground using platforms they know they cannot trust in the long run. We are working to be the best place for those creators to come and bring their millions of consumers with them to read and interact with their content on a decentralized blockchain, and the multiple wonderful interfaces HIVE offers. Since Peakd started we have aimed to create an intuitive blockchain interface that has ALL the features our users want located in one place.


This is a proposal for the DHF system and all reward pool is 100% going to @steem.dao


We are a small scrappy company that has done an immense amount in 1 year with limited funds and limited hours. We know with just a bit more of both of those we can more quickly fulfill our goals.

This proposal will cover a lot of the features we have on our roadmap so of course the whole @peakd team will work on the project ;)

If you don't know the team you can join us on Discord, have a look at this page or just check the following image for a quick overview:



As some of you already know we have already published some small proposals (here and here). With the first proposals we received enough support to fund the new features (actually it was the very first proposal ever completed on the HIVE blockchain !!). The second proposal received a TON of support from a lot of votes but not enough big votes to pass the Return proposal and get funded. But we've released a bunch of those features in on of our last update nevertheless.

The point is: we are committed to HIVE and we're developing on here regardless of Proposals because we have so many great users who love and support what we do.
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What we have learned

With these two proposals we have also learned a bit more about the HIVE community and the DHF system:

  • We feel the Proposal System is not presently conducive to smaller proposals.
  • We have way too many feature sets we are planning and doing proposals for all of them takes away from actually working on them.
  • Some users have strong opinions on "Open" and "Closed" source projects, others don't mind. Therefore: PeakD proposals are challenging so we'll put all our effort into one proposal.
  • It's difficult to estimate the actual funds that a proposal will actually receive.
  • We are committed to improving PeakD and bringing value to HIVE regardless of this funding source.
  • Though proposals are challenging and they are a sensitive subject for some users... we still believe they are a great benefit for HIVE ... and so are we.

There are several ways to look at Proposal votes, however, our team believes: that projects should be evaluated accordingly to the value they bring to HIVE.
... We also believe that we have brought a lot of value to HIVE and we're only just getting started.
... Therefore we're willing to give proposal system another shot, but with a different approach.


Our singular proposal until further notice comes with this question:
Does improvement of PeakD BRING VALUE to HIVE? And do you believe bringing decentralized funding to PeakD will make HIVE better?
This is your personal decision, but maybe checking the @PeakD blog will give you an overview of the number of additions and improvements we have released in the past year and half.

If you think that our work is valuable for HIVE consider voting for the proposal.
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What We Are Proposing

In this paragraph we list a fraction of the things we plan to do in the future. These are not in order and doesn't have a set schedule.
PeakD has a long and solid record of consistency of development, interaction, commitment to our project and to HIVE.
Voting for this proposal is not to 'buy' new features, it's to support a system that has and is expressing extended interest in doing more.
And with more funds we'll hope to be able to do it faster and better.

  1. A front-end for the upcoming Communities protocol
    (We were already testing a communities user interface in January but after talks with Steemit INC we decided to wait until their hivemind changes were done)
  2. Support for SMTs
  3. Dozens of more upgrades to Tribes that hopefully can also be applied to SMTs too
  4. Guest accounts for any person in the world to vote and comment right away
    (We are already testing it and adding functions)
  5. Ability to transition guest accounts to official HIVE accounts quickly... and in several ways
  6. Ability for you as a user to sponsor your friends with accounts
  7. The tools for tribes, tokens and communities to on-board/sponsor new users
  8. Open-source "Hive Glossary" (can be used by any interface)
  9. Learning mode on PeakD (using glossary and videos) to help all the new users understand perfectly what's going on
  10. Much more analytics
  11. Advanced details about your account, analytics and information about the HIVE Blockchain
    (Bringing the data that other tools and sites share right onto your main interface)
  12. Pursue more ways for creators to make money:
    ~ Donations to user or post... with UI implications
    ~ Patreon type replacement system
    ~ Paywall content as well
    ~ Ads revenue sharing.
  13. Some features would require us to work towards encryption solutions
    (Hopefully multi-platform and decentralized)
  14. Hive Proposals page improvements
  15. Integration of Auto Votes to go with our full set of "Creator Support Tools"
  16. Better notification system including mentions
  17. Finally start working on a mobile application to go along with our Mobile Optimized website
    (We've already started to work on the layout)
  18. Multiple languages support
  19. More advanced search systems and other methods to find interesting content
  20. Support with testing (testnet) environments for upcoming Hardforks
  21. Championing more decentralized non-platform specific features like what we call "Hive commands"
  22. There's a bunch more features we will wait to share but we'll make them known closer to the time and after funding occurs.

We are a for profit company

We didn't specifically list many of our future money making features and more specifically we didn't explain (in the above list) how some of the features above make money... But rest assured we are in it for the long run and plan to make good money as a business.

If you think that our work on some of the above points will benefit the HIVE ecosystem consider voting for the proposal.
-- Vote now on PeakD or with HiveSigner --

Funds for what?

Perhaps you want to know what we would likely do with the funds?

  • We'll be able to devote more time working on the project, and maybe be able to hire someone to help with specific parts of it to get the features to users even faster.
  • Pay for infrastructure required to run including new infrastructure. (it's not an huge bill but each month we spent part of our revenues to cover those costs)
  • Convert to HIVE and Power up and create new accounts for onboarding (seeing that a lot of our upcoming features will deal with empowering users to bring in new users)
  • We would use the voting power to promote posts that educate new users
  • We can use the funding to look into small outside marketing (obviously we are not requesting enough to do big time marketing).

If Not Fully Funded?

It is likely other proposals will come and go, and ours may be funded at times and not funded at other times and that's ok...
This is not a Kickstarter campaign, this is not a business proposal and this is not an ultimatum... this is a question if you think the Proposal system paying out to Peakd will make HIVE better?


  • Our proposal is for 395 SBD a day (presently valued at ~$250 USD)
  • As with our previous proposals the receiver for the funds will be @peak.proposals (read more about it here)
  • As of right now there is 112k+ SBD in the account for proposals
  • About 1600 SBD is being added to the fund each day
  • As of right now about 1120+ SBD can be allotted each day to proposals
  • Presently that's going up by about 4+ SBD a day

We understand that during the duration of our proposal there will be other proposals that will come and go that have a lot of value to Steem and we may get partial funding during those times.

Do you think we bring value to the Steem ecosystem and are you willing to give a vote to help accelerate what we can do?
-- Vote now on SteemPeak or with Steemconnect --

Basically with funding, from the community in general, we have the ability to do more of these features in a shorter time period, so the Steem ecosystem sees the benefit more quickly. We can onboard more people ourselves while providing the much needed education for new users. Developers will be able to dedicate even more time to providing the ultimate front end to experience Steem, and one that can actually attract new users. While also perhaps allowing the hiring of additional developers to results faster.

Our Body of Work

And to those who vote based on past merit see what we've created at:

These are just a sample of the latest updates we have released in the past month:
Another Example: During June this year we had 5 huge updates in one month that totalled about 70 upgrades

And see the dozens of feature filled updates this year on our blog:

  • Look at what we have done in a bit over a year with just one part time (yet very dedicated) developer, who has a full time job. Imagine what we could accomplish with this opportunity, and what that could mean for the Steem ecosystem.
  • We set out to add EVERY feature we were using and put them into ONE location.
  • We set out to make a site that we'd be ok inviting friends to and not worry about them being totally confused.
  • We have consistently taken feadback from the community and added features quickly.


The Peak Projects Team

About us:
Join us on Discord: