I Received My 10 OZ Silver Starter Pack in Only 2 Days! (Silvertowne 1 OZ Rounds)

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Yesterday I opened my mailbox and was surprised to see a package from JMBullion, which was the starter pack of silver I had ordered only two days prior. Apparently they have super quick handling and shipping times. As usual, the coins are great. There are a few scratches and imperfections on a few of them, but as they are bullion rounds I really don't mind. Since I got them for spot price, I really can't complain!

I think I'll ask a relative or two to order a pack of these and I'll pay them back so I can get my hands on more of them. There's really no reason to pay a huge premium on silver if you don't have to. I'm also going to explore some of the other silver at spot price deals of other online dealers so I can pick up some more cheap silver.

Once again, here's the link for the JMBullion spot deal if you haven't already taken advantage of it:

Happy stacking everyone!

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Definitely a good deal at spot!👍😊
You can never go wrong with buffalo’s!!!🤗

That's a great thing, silver at spot. Always the right choice

Nothing beats silver at spot, @dropthatcode. What an AWESOME deal! Have a great day, and take care. 😍❤️🌺🤙