The Eighteenth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #35 and #36 West Virginia and Nevada

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The Eighteenth Pair of States That Were Admitted Into the United States of America Were West Virginia and Nevada........

Now Let's Take a Look at These 2 Beautiful Ounces of Silver That Are States Where We Have Some Coal and Some SILVER Too, Two of the Biggest Mining States in All of The USA...........

West Virginia and Nevada......

West Virginia the 35th State of The USA, Admitted June 20, 1863, Right During the Middle of The Civil War.....

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Charleston

Nevada the 36th State of The USA, Admitted October 31, 1864, Did You Know it was on Halloween ??, Me Neither Until Now
Get Along Little Doggies.......

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Carson City

Be On the Look Out for States #37 and #38 Over This Up Coming Week.......

I Hope You Enjoyed These Two Ounces of Silver States of The USA........

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For you to have all 50 bars is really something. The first question I ask myself as I view your collection since the time started showing your Bars is: have I been to...? This time my answer is Yes, I’ve been to both states!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection, @stokjockey, and have a fantastic day, take care 🥰🌺🤙

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I have not been to West Virginia Ms. Saver but I am sure its a very Lovely State and maybe I will have a chance to visit there one day......We Will see if you have been to the next Two States Upcoming..........

I found this on YouTube, it is one of the places I visited there:

Glad to see this series finally resume. 👍😁🏴‍☠️

7 more Panels to go

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Super Fantastic Comment, Thank You @yamgum