The Sixteenth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #31 and #32 California and Minnesota.......

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The Sixteenth Pair of States That Were Admitted Into the United States of America Were California and Minnesota........

Now Let's Take a Look at These 2 Beautiful Ounces of Silver That Are States Where We Have A Prospector and A Fisherman, Gold and Lakes it Works For Me.............

California and Minnesota.........

California The 31st State of The USA, Admitted September 9, 1850

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-Sacramento

Minnesota The 32nd State of The USA, Admitted May 11, 1858

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capitol-St. Paul

Be On the Look Out for States #33 and #34 Over This Up Coming Week.......

I Hope You Enjoyed These Two Ounces of Silver States of The USA........

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Now... THAT is my most favorite bar of all!!! The California- 31st State, and I am so familiar with the State Capitol Building in Sacramento. Woot, woot... I love it! And of course, the Minnesota bar is likewise beautiful. I love the depiction of the man fishing! Thanka for sharing! I can't wait for the 50th State! Have a great evening, @stokjockey, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank You Ms. Saver and I know you know the Capitol Like The Back of Your Hand. We have All Been Taught to Be Fishers of Men............

Very nice @stokjockey... and the Silver set... you have the complete set so nice my friend!!!!👍🤗

I appreciate that @silvertop, Thank You

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Thank You Welshie, I do appreciate you stopping by and dropping a Comment. I know you are Waiting to get Your Rewards Steemmonsters tonight as am I ........ @welshstacker

Sent you a little token gift. I've gone from getting GF to getting FA!! Hopefully I'll pick up a nice GF ruler of the sea... That would make a great Friday.

I got Two GOLDS tonight in the REWARDS both are Common though

Still cruising through the state bars! Yay for your home state making this post. 😍

Thank You for coming by to see it @dfinney