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Nailed it!

This round is a work of art!

@raybrockman - This probably does not happen without you. 🤜💥🤛

@sevinwilson may have had a hind in it this year but I'm not sure, I see his name on the COA so thanks Seven!

@edxserverus, killer design dude, great work!


I am sitting here enjoying these rounds and I am trying to think of another round I have that was produced by way of community. It is a pretty awesome thing, if you think about it. All the rounds (and even pours) that I can think of were produced by a mint that had an idea and minted it. Or one that has an artist that designs the round.

Maybe I am wrong and some of these other mint pick designs by commity. Or maybe I think this just because I had a say in this round.

I don't know about any of that and I don't know if it matters but I do know that these are killer silver rounds that I am happy to have.


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Looks killer on that wood!

Thanks Witty! That's a small scrap I have just for silver my silver photo shoots. :)

Was 0338 Random, or Picked...??? Look at my Wallet under Savings...

December 12, 2019... 22.1 Hollywood Time...

Absolutely love the first Picture, perfect shot of the 2019 steem round.. Thanks summertooth

Thank my fridend! Hope you have a great Christmas.

Hi there sorry to bother @silver-hammer How does one get curated by you? What content are you looking for?

AWESOME!!! Yours! Ray did say that I'd get mine Friday (tomorrow), but because I want to have mine NOW... I will have to check my mailbox tonight, just in case, hehehe. Thanks for sharing. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

They are just exquisite.

@summertooth this is so awesome!!!
It's pouring rain and the Mrs just went to the mailbox hoping we got our's....
Nothing yet.....Enjoy my friend!!😀

To the mailbox in the rain for possible silver...#hero!


Got mine today as well, but I’m gonna wait till I’m done with my twelve days of Christmas posts. It is a fantastically done piece.

It really is a high quality round.

Awesome lighting on the obverse — great pic summer

Thanks homey slicey! Nice to see you pick your head up for air.

These are some glamour shots! Got mine yesterday too. It is exciting to have them before some people becaus my order last year got sent to the wrong place. 🤣😂

Oh that's right! Glad you got yours too! They are soooo nice outta the airtite. 🍆

Fantastic design and thrilled to have received mine the mail!! They look great and all three together look spectacular!! Thanks for sharing!!

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They really are high quality rounds. Great job by all!

Beautiful coins!👏

They sure are @irisworld!

Hello, someone did call for The Stackitis/stackitus Nurse?

My Clinical Study of Stackitis-Stackitus Article Health Report 8675309

Intervention Assessment:
Brand: Steemit ✔
Configuration: 1oz Perfect Round ✔
Year: 2019 ✔
Purity: 0.999 ✔
Supporting Ag: Supported by the #steemsilvergold community ✔
Patient Assessment (SAT) score 1.0
Status: Pass

Conclusion: Treatment outcome Successful. Mr @summertooth

Comments: A beautiful work of art, and, I like shiny things. Say, didn't you have shapeshifting version?

Thank you as I'll be monitoring and documenting the results carefully. I will add these experiences into our knowledge base knowing that it will greatly benefit others in similar circumstances.
If you are having problems dealing in coping with Stacking symptoms, side effects, or negative outcomes my clinic door will be open.

"Because the loss of a Stacker as a loss to all of us."

Kerris L Ravenhill
Steemit Public Health Intake Studies Division: HCW II, N.P.N, D.T.Dip , Bu.S.H.I.T PMAS Stackitis Study Group
🚑 💉 For the Health of the Stacking Community 🚒 💊

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Dope, glad you got yours too. Your photos of the rounds are phenomenal!.. Especially the first one.

Thanks @elamental. These are just great rounds. I like to take them out of the lame plastic to photograph them. Appreciate the kind words.

no doubt brotha.