Steem Engine thoughts, SteemLeo and a #silverpornsunday three-way

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Abut half the time I'm on the steem blockchain I am viewing it through the interface. They have a "dashboard" page that I just love. I am not all that fond of using computers. I mean, I understand the value and all that but sometimes I feel like I just spend too much time in front of one. Anyhow, the dashboard is good for me because it has a ton of info on one page, which save from clicking to this page and that. Here is what it looks like.

Of all the tokens I have read about on steem engine (not many compared to how many are available) I like LEO the best. Just the fact that they have this website and lots of buzz is good for me. They also have LEOM (leo miner) and LEOMM (leo mega-miner) tokens available. I recently bought and staked 10 of each.

I would love to learn more about how these mining tokens work but I'm not sure where to find that info. I did find this post that talks about the tokens and from what I understand it's like a lottery every hour where each LEOM staked is worth one ticket and every LEOMM staked is worth 4 tickets. Every hour 30 tickets are drawn and some amount of LEO is sent to the winners.

I guess what I would like is to see who is winning and where this is happening but that is just because I am curious and LOVE gambling!


On a separate note if anyone is a college football fan you can listen to my nephew call the big game for the Wisconsin Badgers tonight with this link:

Game starts at 5pm PST

My brother is a huge college football fan so I texted him today to let him know Asher was announcing and this was his response...

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I have a few LEOMM and, like you, I would like to know if my daily mining was successful or not...

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I see my LEOMM rewards at after you add your own account name to that link then click the "rewards" tab. To quickly see all mining activity type "mining" in the search engine

Thank you very much!

Sweet! Thanks @diverse!!

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Bender profile pic I like it. How's your day going

No wonder you miss my articles... for some reason steemleo feed does not show my posts!

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I should try using the LEO page since Gold and silver are in the realm of Investment strategy anyway.

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Absolutely @kerrislravenhill. I love it fits!!

I also was searching for any info about leo mining, but couldn't do it...

I will check out the front end my friend. I have been using Steempeak most of the time, and I agree with you we spend much to much time on the computer LOL!!!
Excellent Steem Hexagon Silver!!!😀

I tried steempeak for a while @silvertop but it just didn't work for me in the end. I'm not sure if this is a thing but they almost have too many features. #steemleo is great and fits with PM posts.

I hear you...Everything keeps changing and I always find out by trial and error LOL!🙃

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