LCS Jackpot- Bar #? Happy Anniversary National Bar

1 year ago
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Before I start this post, I have to share this. STEEM SILVER ROUND 24 HOUR FLASH $ALE!!!. You won't want to miss out on this one!!! Now back to my regularly scheduled post.

I lost track of what number bar I'm on. Maybe 15 or 16. Anywho, this is another from my last Coin Shop run. I'm not finding much info on this bar.

It was minted by National (which produces some of the best Art Bars). Let's have a look at it.



Ah yes, I had an Anniversary in 1988. I was celebrating my 11th Anniversary of being born. 😂 And now for the other side.



Here on the back you can see it's from Canada. Above and to the right you see some secret Canadian inscriptions. Not sure what they stand for but maybe one of stackers from the North has the answer.

Sorry for the short post with not much info. Work is crazy before the end of the quarter and it's taken me over 2hrs to get this much together.

Have a great weekend!

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