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A little while back @silveringots had a 500 follower giveaway. I just happened to be the lucky winner. The prizes were both awesome. Here have a look.

The 2019 Panda is an amazing coin. I have a few of the older Pandas in my stack, but they aren't really what I enjoy collecting.

Then we had the prize I picked long before I won. These Satori Chips are Badass! Way back when, @silveringots made a post about them and I've had my eye on them since. This one was a no brainer. The other day when I checked the mail, there it was.

My Satori Chip Arrived!!!

But who can have only one Chip??? So I grabbed 5 of them. Technically I only grabbed 4 and 1 was my prize. Either way, now I have some of this badassery in my stack.


Thanks again @silveringots!!!

Proud member of #Steemsilvergold. The best group on STEEM!


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Very nice win! Hmmm... Satori chip. I do not know much about them. Can you tell me more?

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They are a "physical Bitcoin". These come loaded with .001 bitcoin on each one. The chips with a serial number below 35000 are Pre-fork. Those chips are eligible for all forks, past and future. Those include Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, etc. They stopped producing them and should be a good collector piece one day.

Hehehe, “physical Bitcoin” is an oxymoron!

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Nice win

Thanks @silverd510!

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Thank you @thejollyroger!

Thanks for the shout. The Satori Coins are killer!! Congrats again in the giveaway win. Enjoy ✌

Congrats on the win VG! They would be a great addition for anyone to have and are awesome to look at.

Hi, @vgholdingsllc!

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