Route 66 Silver Set

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I'm finally getting back around to least for today. What you are looking at here is the historic Route 66 coin set put out by Apmex. They started it a while back and I thought they were pretty cool. Let's see what we got going on.


So far they have released 6 states. It started in Illinois>Missouri>Kansas>Oklahoma>Texas and the most recent was New Mexico. After this there will be 2 more states. Arizona and North Mexico will be the last in the series. Here's a look at the set thus far.


Keeping this one short. Can't work too hard for my dime. Are you collecting this series? Did you even know about it? Did you even read this post?

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I like this series, but I don't collect them. It is much easier to collect Canadian series because I have an address in Canada (my daughter's home).

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That's understandable. It is a great series with a really cool shape. Thanks for stopping by @ronaldoavelino!

I really like this series but never started it.

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All are still available for under $20 except the first in the series.

Yes, yes and yes but I only read it by mistake. Whoops.

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When this set started coming out I did not bet it but then I broke down and started thinking I could resell when the set is complete. I have a funny feeling that's what just about EVERYONE else is planning on doing too.

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Nice to see you back.
I haven't collected these as none of my retailers nor e-tailers carry them.

Thanks @kerrislravenhill. I just had to catch up with life a little. You guys can get stuff from Apmex can't you? They are still under $20 USD each.

I refuse to read this post and will be sending a down voting army your way shortly. 🤣😂🤣

I am excited for the last two states!

LOL. Don't make them take my whole $0.07. Once these last 2 come out I want to find some kind of holder for them all.

those are amazing! I love Shinies! teamgood9pixabay.webp

A very nice set my friend, I haven't bought anything from Apmex in a while, I didn't know about this series!!!🤗

It's such a unique shape I had to have it. Finding Air-tites for them is a pain in the ass. lol

That's a very cool set. Maybe they'll come out with a custom box at the end of production??

That would be awesome, but I don't think it will happen. I may have to get creative and make up something @fat-elvis.

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Awesome, awesome! I regret not collecting that very iconic set! You and @dfinney did well!
Take care, my friend, @vgholdingsllc 🥰🌺🤙 !tip

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Thanks @silversaver888. The 1st Monster Raffle I gave away the first 2 in the set. You can still get these for cheap. !tip

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