#Steemsilvergold Official Nomination Post - 9/15/2019

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On this 37th week of the year, we have no new nominations...but the 2019 STEEM round is now available to order!!! Here is all the info you need from the man himself @raybrockman. 2019 STEEM Round Available Now

258 days have already passed in 2019. Have you met your stacking goals this year? Did you make stacking goals this year?

Metals markets don't open for another couple hours so no updates there. BTC has been flatter than the salt flats for the last day. Nothing else really going on. Go get your 2019 STEEM round now!!!

Steemsilvergold is a group comprised of Precious Metals Investors, Collectors and Enthusiasts. We are always looking for new members who post quality and informative content about Precious Metals.

All you need to do is post about your collection or interests in Coins, Bullion, Numismatics, etc. Then use the #steemsilvergold tag in your post. You might even tag a few of the people you follow in SSG in your article.

Steemsilvergold Nomation Roadmap

Here is the nomination process.


Here is a short video explaining it.

When you become a Member

Upon becoming a member you will have access to our Awesome group Bot, Precious.

And here are the different tiers available to members. These numbers do change and are announced in the monthly @ssg-community post.

New Member Nomination List

Nominated MemberNominatorSponsorMod Confirmed

Do you have what it takes?

Have you been posting about your stack or knowledge of Precious Metals? Drop one of your article links in the comments to get some exposure.

Have you seen a new Steemian posting good content about Metals? Throw them a nomination and see if others agree. The more the merrier.

Proud member of Steemsilvergold!