The Cockroach "Blattodea" #16

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I greet again to the universe of Steemit, especially #steemstem, lover of the science and the biology, continuing with the work of photography of the small natural world and of other spaces, we have to another insect of big size, in spite of only saying his name it creates panic, since one finds in several corners of ours hearths, courts, garbage, gardens, this the case of the Cockroach “ Blattodea “.


Manage to take him several photos to this copy and to mention a little on this insect, that it is a part of the American cockroach (American Periplaneta), of whom they did not know on this insect he has been accompanied on the alive beings, not only on the man, but to the rest beings I live from the time through beginning of the cretaceous age, they found evidence of fossils of the order of modern blatodeos with oviscapto, as the forefather of the Blattodea. The most singular of the cockroach has a big spice of variety in the one that ranges of 4500-5000 species of cockroaches, the unusual thing about 30 they are identified of being plagues.


The cochroach is a species of insect belonging to the order Blattodea, which includes termites, there are approximately 4600 types of cockroach known to currently exist in the world, with about thirty of these residing near ( or in) human dwellings, of these, four are considered pests. The word “cockroach” is derived from the Spanish word “cucaracha”, its latin (scientific) name, on the other hand, derives from the word “Blatta”, which refers to an insect that shuns the light.
Information consulted in Cockroaches: A Brief Introduction for Larry Slawson – 2019.


In the photography of puede to observe his compound eyes is small, also also his thorny well long, smoothed, separate paws it has two pairs of wings, of them the wings of the later pair that are big and membranous they are covered he seems extracted of a movie of terror, the fascinating thing is that these insects can breathe across all his body reason, it has the capacity in which they can live approximately one week without head, it is for it that it is an extreme insect.


Apart from surrounding all the places, one wonders that he eats, inside his diet the scraps of meal are in decomposition, crumb of bread, any organic compound in decomposition they are inside his diet, he adapts himself in the way that this one inhabits, but also he usually eats cloth, pasteboard, between the cockroaches also it exists the cannibalism as it happens with the crickets is for it one treats to control this plague as rapidly as possible, since also these insects act as deposits of bacteria.


Has the peculiarity of reproducing in such a way that the female, realizes the putting huevecillos externally in an ooteca oblongada, as a sack of eggs, that is not quite but it surprising is reproduction without males and devices as afterbirths, it is for it one of the extreme insect for his qualities, to be completely partogenéticas. The females are capable of doing perfect clones without the males' need or copulation, remaining clear that this insect can reproduce in a sexual way to asexual, depending on the conditions his he lives.


As for The development of the eggs in the adult hard stage between 3 and 4 months, one has documented that this insect can go so far as to live through 8 to 12 months they depend his he lives or where he is.

But not everything is negative with these insect also has his contribution to the ecology and the environment of such a way in which his contribution in the cycle of the nitrogen, since these insects feed of organic matter in decomposition, achieving inside his structure after processing his food his fecal garbage contains big quantities of nitrogen, remembering that there is one only in his lives but a big colony of this insect, which avece do not see but if they are, the important thing is when this matter has contact with the ground they are made use by the plants, guaranteeing this way the health of the forests, the prairies and other ecosystems, it is clear that it has his role in the life and in the nature.

All of them are photographed by it they were taken for @newton666.


[1]-UF1503 - Identification of the products and a half used for the control Ignacio Santiago García Dios - 2017.

[2]-Cockroaches: To Brief Introduction for Larry Slawson – 2019.

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