Bitcoin On The Rise

8 months ago
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According to Forbes articles...

Bitcoin Will Moon If There Is War

No, Bitcoin Isn’t Going For Anywhere Near $24,000 In Iran—Here’s Why

The killing of Iranian General Soleimani triggered reversal uptrend on Oil, Gold, & Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is on a reversal uptrend because of... not just because of the Iranian General (which is kinda kindling the sparks of tension... of War) but also Iranian people trying to literally get their money out of their country and safe-keep it on a safe-haven like Bitcoin, which has been proven a safe investment especially in times of tensions.

Also Iran's currency is in a dumpster fire of hyper-inflation thanks to the U.S. Sanctions which forces (pressurized) Iranians to put their money in an alternative medium of currency and investment to navigate their way out the U.S. Sanctions. Simply put... they had no choice.

Hence the rise in Bitcoin (also Gold & Oil) in these trying times...