SteemLeo Syndication

Are you a content creator who has had your content cross-posted to the SteemLeo platform? Get in touch with us and claim your Steem account and the pending rewards in it. The best ways to get a hold of us are through Twitter or Discord.

What is SteemLeo Content Syndication?

Content syndication is just a fancy way of saying: we're curating financial content from other websites and posting it onto SteemLeo while creating an escrow account for the authors of that content.

The official syndication account is @leo.syndication. If you want to see the strategy in action, head over there and check out some of the content and authors that we are syndicating.


  1. The goal of syndication is to get our foot in the door with content creators from across the internet and onboard them to SteemLeo and Steem
  2. We create an escrow account for the authors which is set as the 55% beneficiary to the rewards from content that is cross-posted from their current platform to the SteemLeo website
  3. Null is also set as a 5% beneficiary. This means that some LEO and some STEEM is also getting burned from each post to support the economics behind the tokenized rewards that authors are earning
  4. 40% of the rewards goes to the person who cross-posted the content to SteemLeo
  5. We have begun to see some results from the syndication strategy, but expect it to be a long-term play to get the attention of authors who have large followings on other platforms

If you want to learn more about the Syndication Strategy, then feel free to keep reading on. The key sections of this page are listed in the table of contents below, each link will navigate you to the corresponding section.

Table of Contents

1). Why Syndicate Content?

2). The Syndication Process

3). See Syndication in Action

4). Results of the Strategy

5). Scaling

6). Cross-Posting Service

7). We Need Your Help

1). Why Syndicate Content?

Why would we spend any time/resources syndicating content?

The benefit of syndicating content from a variety of high-quality investment authors is that we can onboard new users and content creators who are already posting about investment-related topics, but who haven't yet discovered the Steem blockchain and the SteemLeo community.

The core mission of SteemLeo is to create an online community for financial authors and investment enthusiasts to gather and discuss the most important topics, news and analyses related to finance. Creating a decentralized platform for users to gather, earn rewards and post their content on an immutable blockchain is great, but we need ways to bring in new content creators who put out amazing works of art.

Syndication is our answer to the growing need of creating a diverse ecosystem of users and bringing more attention and creators to the SteemLeo platform.

2). The Syndication Process:

  1. Find a high-quality investment author on a "traditional" social media site (i.e. Seeking Alpha or Linkedin)
  2. Create a Steem account in escrow for this author
  3. Syndicate content from this author's blog onto the official syndication account we have created: @leo.syndication
  4. Set the author as the beneficiary to the rewards receieved from their syndicated content
  5. Unleash the power of the community by continually reaching out to the author, linking the account we've created in their name and showing them the benefits of the SteemLeo platform such as censorship-resistant content on the blockchain and tokenization which allows for rewarding both authors for their content and users for their attention and engagement on the platform
  6. The author reaches out to the Steemleo team via Twitter or Discord. To verify their identity and claim the account
  7. We show them the ropes (if they're interested) of how Steem & SteemLeo work and how they can directly publish their content on the blockchain and earn rewards
  8. New content creators flood the platform and potentially bring some of their core audience with them as well. Now they are able to earn rewards and distribute rewards to fans who engage with their content regularly

3). See Syndication in Action

You can see this strategy in action on the @leo.syndication account, where syndicated content is posted.

4). Results of the Strategy

As of the writing of this page (9/23/19), our Syndication strategy is just about 1 month old.

Thanks to one of our syndicators, @shanghaipreneur, we've gotten 1 well-known investment author to claim the Steem account that we were holding on their behalf in Escrow.

This author has over 32,000 followers on their Linkedin blog and we see this as 1 step forward in our grand plan to onboard tens of thousands of new users and content creators to SteemLeo and the Steem blockchain.

As the strategy matures, we'll post regular updates here and on the @leo.syndication account with onboarding statistics.

5). Scaling

Right now, we are syndicating about 2 articles a day and we have just about 20 authors on the regular syndication list.

This is just the very beginning of this strategy and there is plenty of room to grow. We think that it is entirely possible to onboard hundreds and even thousands of content creators given enough time and persistance. This will have a massive impact on the growth of SteemLeo as a platform and Steem as a blockchain ecosystem.

6). Cross-Posting Service

After getting about a month into the syndication strategy, we realized that it might be a good idea to offer cross-posting as a service to authors.

The idea is that many authors don't have the time to learn how every new platform works. After creating a great piece of content, the grunt work of having to post and reformat that content to fit all the various platforms is a brutal workload.

Ideally, we will get some big authors to join the Steem blockchain through this syndication strategy and have them spend some signifcant time learning about Steem and it's potential.

One of the amazing things about Steem is its versatility. We can use the beneficiary rewards function on the website to set the author as a benefactor to the majority of the rewards from a post, and then set a specified syndicator (a.k.a. the Steemian who does the grunt work of reformatting and cross-posting the content to SteemLeo) as another beneficiary to a portion of the rewards.

This makes it easy to essentially help authors "hire" someone to be their official ambassador to SteemLeo and the Steem blockchain. An easy win-win for both parties.

7). We Need Your Help

The community is the true power of the syndication strategy. As we continue to expand the list of authors and the rewards flowing to their Steem accounts in escrow, the community can reach out to the authors on various social media platforms and tell them about their account on Steem.

From there, we can get in touch with the authors and teach them about SteemLeo and the Steem blockchain. We can explain the benefits of SteemLeo and why they might want to consider posting their content here. We can also offer the aforementioned cross-posting service to the authors and allow them to sit back, post content as they usually do and have a Steemian assigned to their account who will reformat and cross-post their content to the blockchain with a beneficiary rewards structure.

If you're an author and you'd like to have a Steem user cross-post content on your behalf, get in touch with the SteemLeo team via Twitter or Discord.

If you're a Steem user and you'd like to syndicate/cross-post content, consider joining our syndication team by getting in touch with us on Twitter or Discord.