Bozz Eats: Vango's Pizza in Marquette, MI

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The Upper Peninsula(UP) of Michigan is home to a plethora of culinary rarities. As much as it is a part of our state, the UP is also a land unto itself with vast expanses of wilderness and all manner of individuals.

This was actually supposed to be a review about an entirely different place called Congress Pizza in Ishpeming. While we were camping up in Marquette, we realized that Congress didn't open until 4 PM and we decided our time would be better spent around the campfire.

However, I still had a "jonesing" for pizza, and not just any kind of pizza. In the years I have travelled in the UP, I have found like New York style, Detroit style, and Chicago style, they have one all their own.

Similar to what many call Minnesota style (which makes sense given the proximity though the actual existence of this style is widely debated, just Google it), the pizza consists of a relatively thin crust cut into squares with lots of fresh toppings.

I tend to refer to it as salsa on a saltine, but in a absolutely mind blowingly tasty way.

Anyway, long story short after doing a quick Google search, I found Vango's and I thought it might be a suitable replacement.


It is a small family restaurant in the downtown area of Marquette, near the campus of Northern Michigan University.


In my opinion the seating and decor were pretty dated. Those aren't the things I was there for, so I can pretty easily overlook all of that.

There was another section I didn't get a picture of and an outdoor seating area that was off limits to us (maybe because we weren't locals or regulars, I don't know).

One of the older waitresses was pretty adamant about keeping people out of the other seating section too, I am not sure what was going on there.

We started off with some deep fried mozarella sticks.


They were tasty, but you could tell they were just fried from frozen. Something that they buy in bulk and heat up when someone orders it. It is always a rare treat when you find a place that actually hand makes their deep fried mozarella. Trust me, the difference is noticeable, it simply melts in your mouth.

The mozarella sticks lead me to another interesting thing we noticed on the menu. The chicken tenders are listed as "Tyson chicken" tenders. This pretty much means they are like the "mozz" sticks, frozen and deep fried to order.

I just find it a little refreshing that they are telling it to you how it is. They aren't trying to pretend these are lovingly hand breaded by someones grandma in the back room. They are frozen, we fry them, you eat them...

This isn't a Tasteem contest about chicken tenders though, it is about pizza and that brings me to the entree that @mrsbozz and I shared.


We decided to go with the "house special" and we were not disappointed. This pizza comes with pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper, onions and a special sausage called cudighi. It is actually very popular in the UP specifically to the Marquette area. If you ever get a chance to try some, I highly recommend it.

In the end, Vango's was good, I wouldn't call it great. The pizza was the main thing it had going for it. The service was just kind of meh...

Actually, our service started great, we had a younger woman helping us that was very nice and attentive. At some point either her shift ended, she went on break, or we were stolen by the older waitress. She was rather gruff and seemed to care more about socializing with the locals than helping us.

In fact I asked, and she promised to bring me another water three times before I finally just gave up and finished my food. We got a to-go box for the rest of the pizza and I immediately took a big gulp in the parking lot from the cup in my truck.

It's little things like that which kind of make people not want to go back to places. It's too bad really, the pizza was pretty great even though it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for...


The cost was very managable for two people. It gave us plenty to fill our bellies for lunch and a nice snack to munch on the next night around the camp fire.

Perhaps one day I will be able to do a proper review on Congress Pizza, if I never get back, Vango's does make a decent pie, though I'd probably get it as take out next time!

Restaurant Information

Vango's Pizza & Cocktail Lounge
927 N 3rd St, Marquette, MI 49855, USA

Bozz Eats: Vango's Pizza in Marquette, MI
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Pizza looked fresh and interesting, deep fried mozzarella not something to rave about.

Outdoor seating would have been preferable as you mentioned, restaurants with carpeted floor are a big no, no for me personally I think of all the food ground into them, well written review @bazz.

Thanks! I had never really thought about the carpet on the floor before!

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That's very cool. Thanks for sharing your experience and the food looks amazing. That's a very reasonable price considering what all you got. Happy Friday Bozz.

I thought so too. Thanks for the great comment!

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What a great review! Thank you. Oh, yes! Agreed! The Upper Peninsula is its own little world and you got the special sausage, yay!

I have never had great service, wherever I go up there. Adequate. Yes. Great?Debateable.

I was totally blown away by the sheer honesty of them. And yes! It did make me feel better, but a little less hungry. LOL

Thanks for your always awesome reviews and I hope you have a most wonderful day!


It was definitely an interesting place. Thanks for your kind words!

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The food looks so good but the not bringing water would have turned me off the place for sure I doubt I would go back there I am stubborn like that LOL

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Yeah, it almost wouldn't have been as bad if she had just ignored us. She kept promising it though and never delivered!

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yes i can relate that is worse lOL

The pizza in the picture looks very good. You made me hungry

It was very tasty!

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Wooow Pizza looks delicious but it seems costly for those items ............ :(