📌Why Slavyanka: interview with an experienced licensed wrapper

in technology •  5 months ago 

He first tried to rewind the engine to the "Slavyanka" 8 years ago. Since then, I have never used the classic windings ever!
Victor Volokhov is a licensed wrapper for engines using Slavyanka technology. Recently, he visited SovElMash, talked with Dmitry Duyunov and gave an extensive interview to Alexander Sudarev.

Victor told why he chose Slavyanka and remained faithful to her for many years. According to him, electric motors with combined windings are more profitable, reliable and good to use, their quality is noted by end consumers. He believes that technology simply needs to be promoted in order to preserve the ecology of the planet.

Soon Victor plans to open his winding workshop in Zelenograd.

An interview with him will be useful to those who are interested in the technical features of engines with combined windings. Victor tells what the various types of these engines are in operation, compares them with classic counterparts. And he gives advice on where to start for those who want to learn how to rewind engines to Slavyanka.

Watch the interview and share it with your friends and colleagues, especially those who are interested in the technical side of our project!

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