Using Drones To Clean Stadiums in Atlanta

26 days ago
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Drones are now going to be used to help disinfect stadiums like the Mercedes-Benz Stadium that is located in Atlanta Georgia.

The drones are already in the market offering a variety of services. Aside from filming videos and photos for online content, they are also being incorporated into many businesses. The police and fire services are using them in various places, along with emergency services too. That's because drones can delivery life-saving equipment, commercial packages, medical supplies, food and other emergency supplies to those in need, engage in light displays, help fight fires and more.

Now they are going to be used for cleaning stadiums too, aside from already being used for taking photos and video of the games or training sessions.

For cleaning up stadiums it can take tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup crews to do just parking lots alone. Inside the stadium could cost even more.

There might be 80-100 workers needed or more to cleanup after a game or live event. Drones are a drastically faster and cheaper solution to the problem of needing to clean the area, but they don't do everything the same. At least they aren't right now anyway.

The Atlanta Falcons plan to use drones to help clean the stadium after games.

The drones will be doing post-event disinfecting of the football stadium.

They won't be picking up trash and other activities right now, just disinfecting the stadium.

Specifically they will be cleaning the seating bowl area, along the handrails, and the glass partitions.

The drones can do the sanitizing and provide a 95 percent reduction in the time it takes to get the overall job done of cleaning the bowl seating area.

They say they are looking to try and get the most out of their time between the games and that means sanitizing it and getting the cleaning done much quicker so that they can welcome the next crowd.