Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); The New Industry Revolution

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Internet of things (IoT) devices are becoming very popular and there is an increasing number being produced recently. In the nearest future, every individual will have about 10 IoT devices which means there might be more IoT devices than humans in the world.


You might have come across devices that utilizes technology such as sensors, functionality software, WIFI or other means of connecting to the internet, which enables the devices to collect data, share the data and send them over a network without the help of humans or other computer, and act on the information thereby enabling better performance and other improvement. With IoT, devices are able to interact with one another, having good automation and control. Our daily life is gradually becoming automated and smart devices are making it possible.

The internet has opened humans to a lot of possibilities starting from the dot com boom and the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops have shown how beneficial the internet is to everyone. With internet of things, smart devices can collect data and send the information, receive information from cloud/networks and act on them.

Industrial Internet of Things

The use of Internet of things in the industrial sector to enhance the growth of industrial process or enterprise is known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT utilizes the combination of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) so as to provide optimization, automation and logistics without the interference of humans. Industrial internet of things is the use of sensors connected to the internet, located in production system, vehicles, warehouses, assembly lines and other place in the enterprise to enable operational efficiency.


Why Industries needs Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

With the use of IIoT, companies can understand their businesses better by analyzing the data gotten from the sensors in their products. Since Industrial internet of things is being used in the industries, it helps the organization get real time data from their machineries thereby allowing them to predict defects and error as well as solve them immediately.

With sensors, manufacturers and supplier can easily determine the condition of products as well as monitor the current location of the product during the manufacturing and the supply chain.

With Industrial Internet of Things, human errors can be reduced to its minimum, also will the use of labor to get information be eliminated. Industrial Internet of Things helps enterprise with data integration as well as Data analytics.

It is true that Industrial Internet of Things is one of the next big things in all industries but there are a lot of vulnerabilities such as hacking, data breaches, targeted attacks, system manipulation, system malfunctioning and other cyber-attacks could lead to Operational disruption and loss in finance and data. A lot of improvement needs to be done so this downsides can be fixed.

My thoughts:

Using the Blockchain technology to store data records from sensors could be a good way to prevent a lot of cyber-attack as well as well as keep Data unaffected.

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IoTs are really making living simple and easy. Through it, we can now access whatever information we want to. Technology is really taking over the world today.

Your thoughts:
Using the Blockchain technology to store data records from sensors could be a good way to prevent a lot of cyber-attack as well as well as keep Data unaffected.

My thoughts:

As sophisticated as any technology in the field of security remains less than 80%. The proof was last year (2019) Hackers stole US $ 41 million from the crypto currency exchange from China. But this hack is no worse than last year's crypto market hacking (2018) of US $ 950 million. Theft is carried out on cryptocurrency exchange services to crypto wallets.

The virtual world belongs to hackers

The exchanges were hacked not the blockchain. The blockchain is still the safest technology currently. Do not forget that cryptocurrency exchange sites aren't built on the blockchain, the data is what is stored in the ledger. Hacking a bitcoin wallet through phishing links or trojan isn't hacking a bitcoin blockchain, they are two different things.

What a wonderful response.
solid to read.

IoT and 5g - those technologies surely will change the world.

Interesting times ahead of us.

The next twenty years will be huge.

The next twenty years is the beginning of possibilities in science

It's going to be huge.

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Hacking into a system might actually be good for the development of IT generally speaking. More emphasis will be placed on security and we'll get to an age of Super cyber security.

Iiot devices also cut cost in the long run because of the reduction in human dependence.

In the following years, organisations will be employing a lot of people for cyber protection. How amazing the ways science is growing

Do you think that maybe hacking and security might become more automated and humans will only be needed to maintain it?

Iot has become part of our live, it will make everything esay just with your mobile devices

Greetings, friend @mojubare.

I recently made a comment where I raised the usefulness of the IoT in the oil industry. Now I find out this term "IIoT", fascinating !.

One of the advantages that this technology can provide in the industry would be the control of wear or life time of replaceable parts. Maintenance engineering would be enhanced with all the information obtained from the collection of data from the installed sensors. The possibilities are endless.

I agree with you that the system would be very vulnerable. Advanced security protocols should be applied. Firewalls, data encryption, and even blockchain technology.

Your friend, Juan.

Thank you @juan, of course firewalls, data encryption as well as blockchain technology like mentioned correctly, is a great and safe way to protect our data.

Thanks for kind reply.

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