Martian Housing Altering Construction On Earth

10 months ago
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A lot is written of late about the goals to colonize both the Moon and Mars. To do so, we are going to see some new advancements in construction.

As we all can imagine, there have to be a few challenges on Mars as compared to building things on Earth.

Here is an interesting project that could eventually lead to the development of building on Mars. It is only a couple of minutes.

This is going to potentially allow the construction of housing before people arrive on the planet.

My biggest question is how does this alter things back here on Earth? What impact will this have on the construction industry?

It is expect that breakthroughs such as 3D printing is going to completely change the way society builds its structures. It is expected to help drive prices down. In fact, the greater the technological advancement over the next decade, the lower the cost of living will be.

This house can be build for as little as $4,000.

We also have this one that was built for under $10,000.

As we can see, more options are available in terms of creativity. Traditional construction uses a box design where houses are basically square. 3D printing enables for more contours in design as compared to what is normally done.

Another big question is what this does to the existing real estate industry? Will existing homes be in demand when new construction is coming in much cheaper?

The houses shown about are on the small side. However, give it some time and technology will get to the point where 1,500-2,000 sq ft homes will be printed. Consider a construction cost that is half what it presently is, this will force prices way down.

Even if we are looking at 15 years before we see a major impact, housing is a long term market. People carry mortgages that are a minimum of 15 years. That means buying today could cause a financial disaster depending upon the area.

Of course, housing does have the advantage that there never seems to be enough overall. This will help to support the market.

Unfortunately, we are bringing up these questions with technology we know about today. What happens if there was another major breakthrough similar to the Martian house in the video?

Technology is causing a lot of turmoil. There is not a single industry that will miss the disruptions. With the renewed interest in space, we are likely to see breakthroughs that affect industries on this planet too.

It is going to be a lot of fun going forward.

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