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Tesla announced their deliveries for the 4th quarter and it exceed estimates for the Street. During the quarter, the company delivered 112,000 on production of 104,891. This was the first time Tesla surpassed 100,000 deliveries in a quarter.

In quarter 3 of 2019, the company was able to deliver 97,000 cars.

For the year, there were 367,500 which is in the lower end of their guidance of 360k-400k.


I follow Tesla closely for a number of reasons. To start, it is a incredible story that is taking place. In spite of the naysayers, the company just keeps forging ahead. Being eyeball deep in technology, I love seeing major disruption happening. This is something we see taking place in an industry that has not changed a ton in the last century.

The other reason I follow it is to watch the reactions of people. I find that naysayers tend to be that way out of sheer ignorance. They simply do not know. In fact, I find a lot of parallels to Tesla along with cryptocurrency. The attacks are very similar. Both are disrupting major industries with very powerful players. The FUD generated is enormous even if it is not always accurate.

Unfortunately, people buy into it which only increases the FUD. That said, the opportunity is there for those who can go against the trend. As you can guess, one who is involved in cryptocurrency shows I am not exactly onboard with the status quo.

Technology is changing too much of our world and there is a large segment who fails to see this. What was unimaginable a decade or two ago is now possible. We are going to see things happen in the 2020s that we never thought possible.

Tesla is a prime example of a company that inserted itself as a disruptive force. Even today, many claim that the value of the company is absurd. After all, the numbers Tesla put up this quarter barely surpass one month of Ford F-150 sales. That is a valid claim.

However, looking at where things are today is a mistake. Tesla's value is so much in how many vehicles it delivered. Instead, it is what is it going to disrupt as it keeps moving forward. The EV is only a part of this equation.

Tesla is quickly approaching 1 million cars on the road. That is 1M accounts that can be levered for bigger returns. The company already announced a $10 fee to access the advanced online services. That is basically $10M a month in pure profit coming in.

It is a dangerous game to bet against those who are truly immersed in disruptive technologies. Companies that get ahead of the curve on that end stand a strong chance of being the industry leader in a short period of time.

That is how fast things are moving.

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It's apparent certain people knew the numbers ahead of time as the stock price has been on a tear in recent weeks.

Posted via Steemleo | A Decentralized Community for Investors