Is Google censoring Steem Leo ?

10 months ago
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Recently my google chrome showed me a strange message about steemleo.

It still shwoing me that the website is not secure !

It's secure with all other browsers.

But I think that the team should do something about that.

I showed in the video what I mean.

Or maybe google is really censoring steemleo and it will censor more websites related to steem ?

The stange thing, that I opened the website with brave and it showed me the first time that's not secure, but now it's showing that's secure. I tried also with mazilla, opera and yandex browser ( the Russian one ) and it's secure in all of them.

But, google chrome still telling me that's not secure.

Of course I trust steemleo, and I allowed the website to open. But, I still worry about that, because when I invite people to steem, I would like them to not see that message, so they will not lose the trust in me and in steem.

Maybe the team should just change the hosting provider ? That's why I will tag @khaleelkazi and let the tribe know in their discord server.

Enjoy watching.

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