Curation efficiency, Voting patterns and on Steem.

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I've been asked several times to make a video about where you can find the curation efficiency for your votes on Steem.

I've made a video explaining it.

Screenshot 2019-10-27 at 08.57.55.png

While making the video I decided to also throw in some info about voting patterns and because they are connected.


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You just happen to “manually” curate (at 3mins) some of the biggest voted posts in the Korean community?

There is nothing wrong with autovoting and I’m glad you make a return on your investment.. but for the love of god can you stop making posts saying you are doing so manually?

It’s insulting to the actual manual curators and pretty much a full fledged lie.

No need to lie, or make multiple posts about it.. curate how you want.. but I don’t believe there is anything “manual” about what you are doing ... and to say so is just silly.

Of course, I curate in the Korean community. I'm curating for the best efficiency as I say so in my post. I'm therefore trying to find posts that I think will do well.

I go through a lot of tags and look for posts in the 2-5 min mark first but also scroll further than that to find posts.

I do this multiple times a day.

If there are reasons for me to believe a Korean post will do well I vote for it, manually. I have my own metrics to determine whether I think it will do well.

Autovotes, I have turned off completely (since a couple of days). So no votes are going out to the same authors whatever they produce.

I turned it off because I noticed it wasn't as efficient for curating as before. If it was still efficient I would have left it on.

I do follow 2 curators with a small trail of 5%. It's so little I don't even consider it part of my curating efforts.

Every vote besides that is manually cast by me every single time.

I didn’t ask you if you curated the Korean community. I asked you if I was supposed to believe that you just happened to vote (at 3mins) some of the most well rewarded posts within the Korean community.

It’s very easy to find out what will do well as many get support (automated) by your old circle friends.. no matter the content. So yes, I’m sure it’s quite easy to see what will do well. It’s just not easy to believe you do so by “scrolling a lot of tags multiple times a day” and just happen to hit them all at 2-4 min mark.

If that is what you say you are doing, fair enough. It just seems quite far fetched.

So are you saying as long as a user is able to vote with higher efficiency percentage than the current ROI of a lease, then it is to their benefit to increase their curation earnings by leasing more SP? I wasn't sure if the curation efficiency is the same as ROI.

I hope this example helps.

The voting efficiency is not comparable to the ROI on a lease.

Example: my voting efficiency is 73%.

The amount of SP that will earn me is 458 SP.

That would be 23816SP per year if I can keep that up.

I'm currently voting with a 175k SP stake.

My voting ROI on curating is therefor (23816*100)/175000 = currently 13,6%.

This number is comparable to a lease.

Currently, it makes no sense for me to take on a lease, but it does make sense to lease to anyone offering more than 14% unless I can get better at curating.


That pink ring has been stretched nicely and I don't think anyone could argue with a full manual voter casting that many votes to that many unique authors. Nice!

My efficiency is a good 10% lower, but with 20k SP it doesn't really matter to me. Ask me again when I'm curating with 200k :)

I am not sure if it's possible to stretch the pink ring further but I'll try my best. Make no illusion though, I'm sure there are comedy coppers out there finding some flaws anyway.

Trying to curate well with more SP makes sense. It can be a difference of hundreds of STEEM a month. Even though the amounts in USD are laughable for the effort currently. We all hope that will change one day.

Yeah for sure - living off curation / rewarding people for producing content and/or SP delegation is a dream many hope will turn into a reality down the line.

Have a good Sunday man.

Thank you for video and for leased SP👍

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Nice video motivates gaining more SP) thanks!

Fantastic, thanks! Didn't know about steemreports either so double dutch 👯

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Glad you found it useful!

Thanks for this! I did not know how to do that, either.

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Doing not too bad myself:

Highly recommend you take a look at how @gerber is curating, by following his trail I'm getting +100% efficiency regularly on individual posts.

Here's a sneak peak, you know what those percentages mean:

:) i forgot about it for week or 2, need to work on that again it's 100% now, not 120% :(

How do you do it? Are you using some custom script to upvote at just the right time or what?

a custom script for more precise timing.
good list and constant work on that, when I was updating my list daily it was 120%, now it goes down cause no time for that. Probably will spend an hour or 2 in next few days on proper update :)

  • and I just built tool for complex analysis:


probably testing auto-time adjustment on working thing is bad idea, it makes small mistakes in 10-20% of votes, but at least it gives me images like that one for every vote so I can work this out to perfection :)

and am expecting average efficiency to go down anyway with time, everyone adjusting to new rules

Thanks for putting so much work into it. Thanks to you, I'm getting something out of my Dlease SP leases ;-)

Plus, you also earn more curation rewards, since I'm always voting right behind you.


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Nice video exyle.

I already knew how to check my curation efficiency using steem world but the other statistical website looks interesting.

I've never really understood the leasing process to be honest so it's interesting to see how it can be put to work. I can see that it can increase ROI on curation rewards of your a decent curator. Hmnn, I might look in to taking out a lease.

Looking to increase your authors section for curation eh?

Check out my blog... I've been a consistent author on steem for 2 years and 2 months 😉

I get about 17 steem a week from Curation on a 8.3k SP account and thanks to @abh12345 engagement league I know steemworld is also amazing. It surprises me that people don't get more from Curation really but I do believe that with the right tactics to curating one gets to have more Steem power for manual and autovote as well

lol, good video. didn't know about steem reports, thanks

Summer is on the way over there isn't it? Gotta protect the bump!


One of the only people on Steem you can say for sure is always smiling :D

edit, Ha, my preferred bump cover


Nice hat but where are the corks?

only dorks wear that shit

Dorks in Corks? I think you are onto something there :)

Very interesting information my friend @exyle now I can review all the time this tool and try to work 100% well.

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I still don't know what I am doing wrong, but I feel like my curation rewards are horrible. I still have a lot of autovotes that I probably need to just remove or figure out differently. It might just be a matter of minutes or something.

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Thanks for your amazing video, very educative.

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Your self voting is disgusting, unwashed human.

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