Vlog 441: When you have a lot of Steempower, curating makes sense.

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My good friend @ezzy was here for the weekend and we had some great conversations about Steem.

Normally I would share some photo's (Appics) of what we are doing (basic stuff really, playing games, eating great food, just good times) but we both agreed that under #newsteem the age of Appics is over for now.

Using Appics for plain fun posts is on the back burner until SMT's come out. It's just the way it is.

When SMT's are out for Appics, then hopefully those posts will no longer appear on Steemit.com and the app can finally be used for what it is.

Having fun in my case and sharing my life using an awesome Instagram type app on the Steem Blockchain.

As expected the thundering train of new Steem is rolling through our blockchain with force.

I see so many changes already. From a new acceptable downvote culture and abuse being combated left-right and center to new content creators being reward with STEEM.

I have made a lot of adjustments in the way I 'Steem' too.

I keep a close I on my curating rewards and I expect to earn around 800-1000 STEEM (rough calculation) per week curating well with the SP that I got. (used to be 250 STEEM under linear, it's what I remember)

Which should return in a 14%-19% ROI on my SP in a year just curating.

I talk about it in my vlog.

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I guess the more reason you're not using Appics is because you want you every cent you earn on the new steem to be worth every value, that's definitely cool I think behavioral tendencies seems to changing frequently and even when I'd like to see the pictures with @ezzy I guess one day it'll become possible to share without appearing on the interface. I'm loving your new curation pattern though it's begin to appear in many places I look. Been long I Saw your 3speak content though. Amazing watch it turned out to be for me

It was really cool to see you no post anything over the whole weekend. Not that I didn't miss seeing what you were up to, but I know your reason for not doing it and I am happy that you are finally able to take a step back from the grind and let your SP work for you in other ways now. It has to feel very refreshing!

It's pretty refreshing indeed!

14%-19% ROI for curation is impressive. At the top end that compares very favourably with using a service like DLease. A very good driver for more curation.

I will be working on tweaking my curation techniques to up my returns.

I have one Dlease going for 30% apr from a while back. That was a good deal.

But I expect them to correct to the more realistic APR of 14%-19% ROI now.

I'm glad your laying off the appics, I like your videos though, they always lift me up.

Thank man, glad to hear it!

Just wanted to let you know I'm re-following you after reading this post.

You may not know this but pre-HF there was this one random minnow once that asked you if $30 was justified for a selfie and I noticed on steemd you instantly muted him which was kind of disappointing to see. No point to hold grudges though or anything like that, better to look forward to the future of Steem as I'm sure many would have prefered to have acted differently but were pushed to do things they didn't want to cause of the broken economy. Anyway, nice to see the change in your activity as well.

Great summary, @exyle. I once had a conversation with @roadscape while developing a comic and I asked him “...what do you think is the purpose of all this technology?”. He said “...I think it’s meant for us to eventually use it less, and actually spend more time with each other. Real people.”, and it’s amazing that’s exactly what you were able to do over the weekend [...despite the cold sweat blogging withdrawals]. The enthusiasm is definitely back for me and although there are some big changes, I’m excited for them. I think Steemit is best served as a long form platform, probably because I’ve been here since 2016 as well, so I love seeing incentives for deeper BLOGS/VLOGS.

I think your analysis is spot on: you can no longer find a group to upvote each others shitty content, because they can be broken down if the community sees it appropriate. The sudden influx of rewards I'm receiving, are coming a bit out of the blue for me, because I was used to the #oldsteem, haha, but it's nice to be rewarded, since I've been fairly consistent throughout the bear market with – not only creating – but also improving my content.

It is a turning point for those who've relentlessly been creating content all along, despite curation being discouraged.

Curation definitely makes sense under the new rules, I'm very encouraged to power up myself, too, and have been doing a lot of it lately :) Just have to hold my horses a little in order to not buy too much in single point of time – gotta just keep cost averaging with small amounts in regular intervals. Though it is getting very tempting to buy a slightly bigger slice now, because the price seems to have found a floor around 16 cents :P

i'm hearing some are leasing or planning on leasing steem so they can curate with higher votes.

Hope they use it for down voting spam also. Thanks, another good video exyle.

That makes sense, but it would result in dlease apr going down a bit otherwise it makes no sense to get the lease (unless the person is a curation Jedi master that can make +20% ROI doing curating well).

Curation now really makes much sense than ever after HF

It sounds incredible my friend @exyle, your explanation has a lot of make sense.

800-1000 that’s pretty cool.. I will try to do the same as you with my small SP.. newsteem is actually better I think.. Not more abuse, and more downvotes to stop abuse..

I like all your videos because you open my mind to think more about that..!!!

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for you

I enjoy your (and other people’s ) random photos. 😎

What is a good voting efficiency in your opinion? (SteemWorld)

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Love the #NewMark mentality.

Steem on!


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Autovoting a curated list of authors (and known for quality, not shit, this is #newsteem) can get one a ROI of over 20% under the new rules.

Can't seem to play this beyond 15 seconds, Strange.

I noticed this. It sometimes happens on 3speak. If you reload and 'click the timer bar' past 15 seconds it should play perfectly from there.

Cheers, I will try again. Must be some sort of buffering issue.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

We are working in curating more so we can increase our rewards. Our community slowed down a bit because of the decrease in author rewards, but we plan to continue our job.

Slechte adviseurs heb jij.

20% meer tokens... zou je dat wel willen?

Dat betekent minimaal -40% waarde.

thanks for the reminder ~it's okay to evolve, to change, to help grow different habits. I'm still trying to find my groove with this #newsteem. One day at a time!

I don't put a huge amount of effort into my @actifit posts but I do 10k steps and I think that make it worth the upvotes I get. I'm a photographer, so I might be biased but I think a good quality photo is as good as a post with lots of words. That doesn't apply to snapshots.

How much is "a lot of steempower" to reach the threshold? 35.000 would be enough? I have unstaked my steempower from Smartsteem and I'm still not sure if I should curate myself or delegate most of it to SteemHunt...

I still have my goal of hitting 1000sp, how long it will take idk. But I’m a just keep trying things out, get in where I got in and hope for the best. Steem on y’all

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Speaking of curating we want to say THANK YOU for "curating" aka supporting the our first PROPOSAL. Funding period is over now and it hit our goals and we already released the code. So thanks for making that happen.

Our next proposal will have a huge impact on STEEM users and TRIBES. And when SMTs come around a lot of that information will apply to those as well.

Hey 2 things.. 1.. is there a discord for 3speak I'd like some help with inbedding a video.. and STEEMify.. is it available for android?

Very nice to be able to leverage SP that way. More power to you :)

Mark @exyle This was a Fantastic Video Explaining the New STEEM and how you are Approaching your own Content as Well as Explaining the Abuses and how they will be Dealt with to make Steemit much more Fair and Efficient for All. Thank you for Taking the time to Share it with Us.......Now Back To the Steemmonsters Battlefield.