Testing the new Community feature on Steemit.

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This morning I got to play around with the new Community feature.

I recorded the session.

Impressed with:

#1. Anyone can make a community for 3 STEEM. Longterm communities will love this but I can also see the use case for short term communities (to organize an event for instance).

#2. Communities can be moderated.

#3. Whatever you post in a community is not posted on your blog. (very handy).

#4. Content Discovery is a lot easier.


#1 What is this?

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 09.29.30.png

#2. When a mod mutes a post in a community it's not visible to anyone in that community. Is it possible to mute users for the entire community?

#3. When a post is downvoted (outside the community) it's still visible within the community. Can only mods mute a post?

I downvoted this post on steemit.com. It's grayed out.


On the community site the same post lost rep. But the post is still visible.

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 10.10.19.png

#4 Can an SMT be used inside a community when they come out?

#5 I can post in a community without joining the community? is that normal? (it's called guest account).

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 10.15.22.png

#6 When I mute a post I have to give a reason. Where can I find these reasons?

Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 09.49.25.png

#7 Can I make a community where I have to approve members first before they can post in my community?

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This might already be in the comments but your blog post likely didn’t work because you can only post one blog every 5 minutes I believe and you had just posted your community post 2 minutes before you tried your blog post. If you retry it now I bet it would work.

Thanks! That was it!

What happens if a couple of whales create ,,Let's rape the reward pool community.''?

They already did. We call it steemit.com....

Good one ;)

it is my first comment on 3speak, really helpful video thanks

What's the URL of steemit beta site?:)
Also, we still can't add favorite tags on the menu on the left?:(

I'm also wondering, I tried steemistage it was something like backup website but it's not working and tried steemibeta and that not exist. What's the website @exyle ? Or it's not public yet ?

Thanks! Username and posting key needed to login right?

No. You need to be approved by someone. It's a closed beta, AFAIK.

No, Username and posting key does not work and @gadrian may be right. @roadscape, any clue or help ?

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Those are some great questions! I think there is going to be a bit of a learning curve for all of us before we are fully comfortable with all of this community stuff. It is going to be exciting when it is fully up and running though!

The reason it was not posting the blogpost is because you chose community at the top and not blogpost :)

No, it was the posting timer.

Wow, this looks a lot like subreddits, look at that sidebar! 🤣 But this is really exciting because Steemit from the beginning was "sold" as a reddit alternative, but has never really been similar enough to be a "reddit killer". This is definitely a step in the right direction though, can't wait until it is live!

It does. And it's awesome. I can't wait for this to become live.

I'm glad you're doing some content and helping people understand the possibilities of communities.

If you have a wish list for communities interface I'd love to hear about it.... steempeak.com is working our testing UI.

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I'm still playing around with it. It's fun. When I have suggestions I'll let you know. When steempeak opens a Beta for the UI can I test it?

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Are these communities on the main-net already, so, can community names be claimed already?

And, what is the link for the beta again? =D

Community names can't be claimed anyway. When a community is created it will have identification number in the blockchain, but that won't be visible to users. The name can be the same for two communities or more.

I understood that from the steemfest livestream, I'm not certain though.

Correct no gold rush to claim a one time name.

However there is still a ton of discussion to be had about URLs for interfaces

I missed that. Great to know!

Not yet, it is still in the testing phase by the devs.

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