Vlog 445: How much Steempower is enough?

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I, unfortunately, had to cancel my show Crypto Talk Monday. Time constraint prevents them from doing them consistently. I had a lot of fun making the shows and I hope everyone enjoyed them for as long as they lasted.

In this vlog today I talk about how much Steempower is enough.

I talk about my own investment and what I want to do with it.

Currently, I use it to curate and in Dlease but I have a bigger vision for it.

Manual curation is going well with an efficiency of about 64% but it does take a lot of time, especially compared to Dlease which takes no time but is ROI wise the same.

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 11.43.35.png

As you can see I don't self vote anymore and I have no circle which is a very peace of mind decision.

I can just post whatever I want and let #newsteem take care of it.

I talk about all these things and more in a fairly long vlog of 18min.

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awesome video! i joined this site today and i just can't wait to get a few steempower and steemd dollars in my wallet! have a nice day!

Hey @mjesalica, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

welcome, @mjesalica . I don't mean to confuse you but I'm giving you a !BEER token. It is token that has value and you can trade them on steem-engine. Don't be overwhelmed. it will make sense down the road. Just wanted to give you a little something for joining.

oh thank you!! what does it mean tho? like where can i see my "token balance" if that's what you call it

never mind. just found out what and how and where. thank you :)

Welcome to Steem!

I am intrigued to see what you are going to blog about now @mjesalica...

it will probably be some boring stuff but hey, I'll try to do my best!

well depends on how much one is passionate enough and dare to invest

Hi, @exyle!

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@tipu curate

I understand your enthusiasm but you gonna get people hurt on their investment, start discussing Steem trading volume. Upbit and Bithumb could delist it anytime as it is way below the requirement. Let people know these are the consequences. We lose those exchanges and its a matter of time before Huobi goes with them and the ship trades on the mercy of Bittrex and Binance, where buying interest is minimal.

I will miss your MSPwaves show! Thanks for the curation vote! It is encouraging to get a vote from you, and really appreciated!

I like this video .I need to know one thing.Like if you have power that mean you can vote yourself?or is it against the rules of 3 speak?And if we cannot upvote ourselves? And if we upvote others and comment other creators what should be the power we need to have to make decent income by commenting other and upvoting others .Your answer in this regard will be highly appreciated.

God knows how much money is in my steemit wallet either I have enough or I don’t for steemit blockchain & @threespeak we’ll try anyway 😂😂

The amount you earn does not dictate whether or not you can save money.

The mind is powerful, every time we say that we don't have enough,
it negates action and the though becomes counterproductive for us.
Regardless of how much you earn,
make it a habit to pay yourself first.

That's too bad that you had to pull the plug. It is still going to be interesting to see how @3speak continues to evolve and grow. They have a really great product that influencers will definitely want to take advantage of. You've gotta be killing it with the curation though :)

Curation is going well indeed. I had to make changes to how I did things from #oldsteem but it's turning out really well and much better for the platform as a whole.

3speak is a great app that keeps improving. I'm hoping to give the Livestream a go soon.

Enough is required to puke the non-existent intellect on Steemit or 3speak.online. Waiting for my pot of gold, which isn't delivered to me yet. You have enough ??? Why you asking the question ??? hahaha

I guess there is no right answer on that question. Thanks for your vlog...i enjoyed it

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Thanks for this amazing video.

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I always sort of wondered what is the most beneficial mana percentage to stay around for curation rewards. Curate more and the % goes down, but total rewards increases. Is there a sweet spot % I wonder. Noticed bigger accounts like yourself tend to keep mana above 90%. Is that the way to go, what do you think? Always look forward to your blogs btw!

Any vote close to 100% is the 'best'. But to keep it there it means a person would have to vote with 1 vote at 100% every two hours.

I usually make sure I'm around 90% mana when I go to bed. That gives my voting power 12 hours to recover.

It's usually around 96%-97% when I wake up.

As they say "One Bullet is Enough to Take Down an Empire", just need to know where to aim. I believe same it the situation Steem power, unless and until someone wants to develop the targeted Steem tribe, help other in curation, and promote manual and good content, then whatever is received on regular basis should be enough for regular content creation and curation. How much Steem do you need??? Hmm, to be honest it is very complicated yet very simple question at same time. This is to be decided by individual, because it more steem power has more responsibilities otherwise someone can get selfish and ruin the beautiful gift of Steem power.

Let´s be honest! It´is never enough, not until we reach mindblowing price levels.

Mark @exyle I really enjoyed Your Monday Show and maybe One Day you will return and do it again...............

Thanks, man! Maybe I will one day.

That's a really great question. I am thinking about that all the time with tribes. I recently asked one guy who was asking people to stake everything, ''how much sport talk we need to tell us that's enough to start earning ?''. I think the steem power is not that important if we do things correctly, follow the right people, join the right communities and respect the rules. So, as content creators steem power is not that important, but for investors it's good to have more and more to earn from curation. About the price, we shouldn't care about that. I think the value steem is bringing to the world is huge. I'm almost 100% sure that the price will go higher, maybe not now, but think of it after a few years from now. Imagine if even steem will go $1, how much you will earn from that. About creating business on steem is really great, there are a lot of opportunities here. Sometimes the return comes not only in form of ROI, but in more support to people who are still excited about steem. I think steem is not only for people to invest and expect rewards, they should also create and be close to the community and promote it. Steem is alive and we should also be active on it, what makes it even better. Keep powering up and I hope to see you supporting communities. 1 million steem power is more than enough for an individual I think.

I'll be honest I looked forward to your show Monday's ....since Monday's typically sucked you were the bright spot lol

That's kind of you to say.

What i believe is continue to do what you know what to do best and always remain original wotj your work am sure you will always have a good reward. Know it won't be easy but trust me its going to what it.

It's a shame you won't be doing anymore radio shows I really enjoyed them but it makes given the content of your video.

Your thoughts are pretty timely for me as I sat down with John at the weekend to help me look at things from an investors perspective and an outside view was really helpful.

Like you, what I'm really after is income but, obviously, my stake is considerably smaller.

I've already started making changes to that end and rarely post now. I'm not sure about manual curation either but for the time being I'm doing a bit of both - manual and automatic.

One thing I have no idea about though is taking investments out. Ultimately what I'm after is regular income rather than just building capital. I'm getting that with my heron accounts but I've yet to do the figures to work out how many of those I would need.

Also, I have no stategy from taking crypto out of the system and turning it to fiat, which if I want to enhance our income I will need to work out.

We're only talking small amounts for now but I'd like to have more of a plan in place.

I'm not sure if you're aware of @spi-invest. This has become part of my regular investment strategy and you might like the look of it too.

Finally, thanks again for the contest win. That was a very nice addition to my wallet. 😁

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Thanks for saying that about the shows.

I would suggest you just keep posting and having fun. Just don't selfvote and don't use a bot is the simplest way to go about things without stress. Then whatever you get is what it is.

I miss sharing simple good vibes. I don't enjoy having to contemplate wether the content is good enough in the eyes of the content police all the time. It's like a heavy feeling every time before you press that post button, and I doubt anyone enjoys that.

If #newsteem works then simple posts should perfectly work together with posts that contain way more effort and should be judge accordingly.

Maybe I should just give it a go :)

Where I live there is a very open stance towards crypto and it's very easy to get in and out of it. I don't know how that is in the UK. Maybe make a post about it for some help :)

Congrats on winning the content. You deserve it.

Of course I don't think you're circle jerking, most times people vote quality and also the maximize the returns the the huge incoming curation reward, in my opinion I think one way or the other crypto Monday might come back in future it was fun the times you were bringing it.
As for the amount of Steem power needed? Wow that's huge I think if everybody bought all the Steem In circulation then we're in real value for Steem and that's why I think you until there's no liquid steem to go around again there isn't really a limitation to how much one might have. Nevertheless I do think he's essential that you raised this topic and as for me I'm buying Steem because I envision a huge future

If I look at the delegation market I think that's where excess SP could be used and with the RC pool in future. I think that 150 SP is more than enough for the average user. Businesses and these SMTs might start to gobble up the SP and secure it for resources on the chain.

I think I'm pretty much done buying Steem for now and I'm looking at other blockchains to invest in looking for other passive income streams been using MCO and CRO coin lately.

Really glad to hear that you are using manual curation more often. It's encouraging to see you and other big Steemians visiting the quality posts of new or undervalued authors.

Spreading votes on others and manual curation will make Steem more exciting to outsiders. We need to show them that we are ready to share and build together. Not just say it, show it.

Happy curating! :D

It’s not just a question for Steem Power. Silver stackers often ask how much silver is enough. The answer is usually a few more ounces than I have right now.

The scarcity mindset is deep-rooted.

The answer is usually a few more ounces than I have right now.

Haha! yeah...I guess that is about right.

@exyle, In my opinion this is Situational question and in my opinion atleast Dolphin Size Stake will be effective in this Ecosystem. Stay blessed brother.

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Great video and it nice to know that you are visionary. as there are too many people who have lost faith in crypto.

that is indeed a good vision, I have some leased out as well, but you say that you wait for companies to lease them SP. Then you mention steemmonsters but that is a home(steem)grown company. Getting outside companies to step in is going to be something different altogether

Cool thanks, another good vlog. Seems more are taking the relaxed approach. Makes for a better experience in my view. I now look forward to certain authors posts, rather then, should i vote on this post also? lol

I'm enjoying my relax stance on things. It makes the whole experience better indeed.