RE: At what point did I see the potential of Steem?

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At what point did I see the potential of Steem?

in threespeak •  9 months ago 

Meanwhile, the bigs are actually tagging with "sh%tpost" and getting upvoted by their friends to sky high values.

I'm still posting my 40+ posts a week on three blogs, 300+ comments a week and reviewing dApps, posting minnow tips and the like. As long as I can do it, I will do it.

A few people have reached out to help me and hopefully more will. I have a lot more autovoters, but of course, way less rewards because of the non-linear thingy. Fun times in the bottom of the lake.

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Yeah that's unfortunate, but at least it is an issue that plagues every social media, not just Steem. That means that Steem isn't necessarily doomed to fail.