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This is a small STEEM Intro targeting investors who are interested in Blockchain Projects!!! You can use this video at the end or starting of your presentation while pitching to investors. Or probably share on social media just to enlighten a newbie about STEEM as an investment opportunity. I don't know if it's a sales pitch because technically that requires someone talking for about 30s to a minute in a general scenario. Call it whatever you want BUT... It's not complete yet.

As a creator, I need your help! I joined STEEM 2 years ago and since then I have added many skills in my portfolio. One recent skill I have learned is to create and edit videos. I love doing it which is why I keep on trying new things. Last week I managed to see some tutorials on Kinetic Text Typography on After Effects. Took me a huge amount of time to get a hold of it. Not that I became an expert, but I did my best to learn the basics and apply.


This video is not the most perfect marketing material but it's an ongoing effort by me to create a better version of this. I took ideas mostly from the @stoodkev's Steem Elevator Pitch Contest and @aggroed's STEEM Pitch. Thank you for all the participants for their wonderful contributions. I am not comfortable in front of the camera for delivering a pitch like that so I thought I would use animated text to raise the important points. ;)

I am going to list down all the points I have mentioned in the video so that you guys can help me set the appropriate order in which they should appear in the video. I want this to tell a perfect story before I render a version which can be used by anyone and everyone to pitch to investors.

  1. Free, 3s Transactions.
  2. Scalable upto 100k T/S
  3. Wallet Addresses = Usernames
  4. Earn Via Content Creation & Curation
  5. Hold SP, get 2% or more ROI.
  6. Self Funded DAO.
  7. Speech is immutable
  8. Launch your own tokens with SMTs
  9. Create communities & Web DApps
  10. Power them with your stake
  11. Join the revolution
  12. Claim your stake
  13. Join STEEM
  14. Visit STEEM.COM

Please observe and let me know if you see any mistake in the video. Also, suggest me if I missed an important point which is necessary for an investor to know about STEEM. While suggesting, please be precise and suggest me taglines in not more than 4-5 words.


I am not just going to stop after this. Once I make the changes as per your suggestions, I will go ahead and try to add some graphics to support the text. It will make it more visually appealing. Right now I feel it's a bit dull because it's all text but then again, it's subjective. :)) So please let me know if you like it and what more I can add to it.

I think that we need more and more investors, money attracts money and it will probably create a ripple effect. ;) which is why I started with this video. In future, I will come up with similar ones themed as:

Steem for Creators
Steem for Developers

Font used: Bebas
Music: Tape Deck

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I'm not a big investor but I invested some money on steem and steem is the first social platform which the best investment platform for all specially for long term investment. Thanks for the great analysis.

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Cheers @sadikulaziz, STEEM is def one of the best Blockchains to invest in. :))