The Steemleo Show #5 | The Impact of Onboarding Users to Steemleo One at a Time

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I’ve talked about this several times both on this podcast as well as during interviews about Steemleo and my thoughts on the future of the Steem blockchain.

One of my driving reasons for creating Steemleo was to build a platform that could both incentivize current Steem users who created high quality investment content but also find new content creators and investment-enthusiasts and onboard them to Steem.

I have a few different ideas for how to do this and some of these ideas have already yielded some results. Through Steemleo, I’ve onboarded a handful of new users and have encouraged them to both post/read regularly in the Steemleo community.

One of the most important aspects to building a successful network is to have a consistently growing user base. As you get 1 new user, then 10 new users and then eventually hundreds and thousands of new users, you can begin noticing the network effects coming into play.

10 users convert 5 family members and become 15 users. Then those 5 new users branch out and rope in even more new users. The snowball starts rolling down the hill and things escalate quickly.

In today’s podcast, I talk about the current & future plans for onboarding new users to Steemleo (and the Steem blockchain) after having a conversation with a new user who I just onboarded right before the recording of this episode, so the ideas discussed were fresh in my mind.

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