Thinking About The Next 100 Years

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The Next 100 years are going to be very interesting. Today I started thinking about it as I near 50. Over the next few decades we are going to see radial changes in longevity. Biotech is one of the most fascinating realms there is.

At my age, it is a coin toss. I might be dead before these technologies make an impact. For those in their 20s though, it is a likelihood they will live past 100, 120, even to 150.

What will this mean for society? What does it mean for people's financial future? How can people plan to live that long and make sure they have enough money?

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I disagree with you sir. We are going to have a hard but challenging times ahread, next 3 to 5 years. Climate CHnage!! ... This world is becoming a worst world to live and next 5 years is most this world looks livable... please stick to talking about crytos keeping in view next 3 to 5 years, coz want to enjoy the money now, than have stuff post my death, post 100 and 150 years. Anyway.

Pretty sad view there.

Well, we can't deny that environment in the world looks good. Economic crisis as well... it will be hard years for many. You and me may be well off, not others, not majority of unpriviledged people. It's exciting for blockchain I agree, next 2-3 to 5 years maybe even 10 years. Steem holding may benefit so do BTC and crypto holders, gold holders. But will we have peace of mind about the living conditions of earth? ...doubthful. The circumtances of the economy and the ecology are making people look towards actisism to save environment and took towards crypto as hedge. Immortality, is not cool according to me. Life by itself makes one suffer and prolonging this human suffering by prolonging the already long looking life is kind of like a life sentence to me. I am a anti-natalist...anyway. But I do like reading your other wonderful articles on blockchain and stuff...only this one I disagree. In another 50-100 years, I don't think this world or earth would stay intact, looks unlikely. call me selfish, I looking at 2-5 year time frame for moderate optimism for now. If people act and do the right things, Govt and economic system change their ways, maybe my lifetime can live in a world with tolerable environment conditions, I am 35 years. time will tell...but yeah for blockchain technology and crypto next few years are damn exciting, I am hoping to make wealth and optimistic about that.

Great to see you posting here on @threespeak I read a lot of your posts, looking forward to hearing from you too.

Thank you @brianoflondon. I am glad to be here and always liked your stuff too.

Welcome to 3speak. Glad to see you here. I think it's better to not think about such long time in the future. Most of us will not get there. I'm 34 and I don't think that I will 134 years. lol Especially with all things hapening in the world. The polution issue, the bad food and those new frequencies with 5G and everything. I hope the future will be bright. But, people who are completely updated by artifitial organs, I don't think people will live longer anyway.

You might be right, 134 might not be in the cards for you. But I would not wager money against it. By the time you are 75, the world will be completely different. A lot of what you mentioned is only a present problem and is being addressed.

Besides, the advancements in medicine are going to make a lot of issue mute anyway. When you look at the fact they are already able, in a lab, to turn cells back to their embryonic state, that opens up an entirely new world.

But the problem that they will not use that technology for ordinary people for sure. It will be too expensive and only elite will be able to live longer if that will work.

i just hit 50 myself

and have thought about the next 100+ years

my first 50 have been rough as hell , but my future clones will be OK

Escrow Finish
in 113 years

What about 39? I've probably got a good century in me ;)

bio39, you have a better chance than me at 49. The younger one is, the bigger the advantage. It is the greatest inequality in the world.

Look at how the world changed since you were a kid. The last 30 years saw incredible advancement, especially in the world of computing. We are going to see a much larger move over the next 30 in medicine and bio-tech. Synthetic biology is going to do enormous things for people.

That means a lot of this will come out before you are 69. Project out 40 years, when you are 79, and who knows.

Keep in shape, keep in the game, and we might get to see it all unfold!

Keep in shape, keep in
The game, and we might get to
See it all unfold!

                 - adambarratt

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