Why I Started To Post On 3Speak

10 months ago
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Over the past few months, I started doing some more videos that I posted on D.Tube. I made this move to provide some variety to the content I provided while also doing my best to add to the ecosystem. D.Tube was one of the first applications on Steem so supporting that only made sense.

That said, I did make the switch yesterday to 3Speak. Here is why I did that.


To start, I was not able to upload my videos to D.Tube over the past two days. It is very frustrating to film a video and then to not have it load. I tried it on two separate devices to no avail.

This was after a week of the videos that did load taking more than an hour. While this was frustrating, I was willing to endure it. But the fact that it did not upload quickly became a problem. I do not know if others were experiencing the same thing but I am not the type of person who is going to spend days trying to figure something out. Either it works or it does not.

Perhaps in the future the capability will be there for me.

Thus, I made the decision to give 3Speak a go.

For those who are unaware, there is a fee to post on 3Speak. It cost 31 STEEM for me to start posting. This is all part of the 3Speak's business model.

While it might see like greed, the reason for this is simply to cover costs. The 3Speak team is fully dedicated to making this platform a success yet there are expenses, especially when housing video.

From the start, I was impressed with the ideas that 3Speak had. What really interested me is the fact that it is going to be a DAO at some point. The founders are essentially looking to get their money out of the project with, perhaps, a small profit and then let the community of token holders have it.

To me, this is what Web 3.0 is going to look like. Let the users be the stake holders and vice versa.

As for the performance of the platform, it was a breeze. My video uploaded in a few minutes and was posted without a hitch. This should be a help when the onboarding of newer users begins.

Speaking of that, they are soon to be starting a campaign where the upvotes from their account is going to change. This is something that is going to alter who gets rewarded. Basically, videos with the most activity, views and comments, will receive the largest part of the upvote.

This is meant to offer incentive to the content creators from other platforms who have large followings to bring those people over. If one has a million YouTube users and can get thousands viewing and/or commenting on the video, that will pay off for everyone.

It is all part of the cooperative model that we are constructing. Over time, we all have a stake in different things but, being part of the same platform (Steem), means benefit is applied to everyone. Anyone holding STEEM will see a positive impact as the DApps have more success.

I do like to support as many applications on here as I can so if I find D.Tube is back in working order at some point, I might post on there also. That is the thing about creating content, we are only limited by the amount of time we have. Perhaps I could start doing two shorter videos a day.

Who knows? We shall see. For now, I am going to do my best to help 3Speak in whatever way I can.

Here is a link to my maiden post on 3Speak.

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